10 FREE Kids Activities To Do In The Summer

Don’t give in to the pressure of taking your kids to expensive attractions this summer when you can have fun close to home without spending a dime. It may take a little coordination on your part, but it’s easy to entertain the kids on a budget of zero dollars with these activities to do in the summer. Here are 10 kids’ activities that won’t cost a dime (save for perhaps some equipment that is good over and over).

10 FREE Kids Activities To Do In The Summer

Host Your Own Home Olympic Games

Rally the troops for some good old-fashioned outdoor fun in honor of the upcoming Olympics Games in Brazil. Host your own backyard version of the Games using household items as props. Play the crab-walk scramble, water balloon relay, bocce ball and hula hoop endurance.

girl hula hoop FREE Kids Activities To Do In The Summer

Be creative and have fun. Crown the winners with paper crowns or homemade medals. Let the winner choose what’s for dinner or skip chores for the night.

Go on a Hike

hiking backpack FREE Kids Activities To Do In The Summer

Help the kids appreciate the wonders of nature by taking them on a hike. Choose a destination that has points of interest such as a waterfall, lake, cave or a breathtaking view to avoid the kids losing interest.

A hike doesn’t have to be far away in the woods, though. You can hike your local downtown area, through your neighborhood or across a large park.

Have a Scavenger Hunt

Keep the kids on point by creating your own kid-friendly scavenger hunt. If on a hike, give the kids a list of items in nature to gather, such as a type of flower, pine cone, etc. Or have a photography scavenger hunt where kids have to take pictures of a variety of items and places.

Set Up a Backyard Water Park

Set up your very own water park in the backyard to cool off on a hot summer day. Put a kiddie pool at the end of a slide, turn on the sprinklers, set up the Slip ‘N Slide and have a water balloon fight. Any option that involves water is on a kids’ list for fun activities to do in the summer so be sure to have that hose ready!


Help the kids build strong morals through volunteer work. Deliver meals, visit local nursing homes, serve dinner at a homeless shelter or spend time at an animal rescue. These are all activities that help build compassion. Call your local volunteer center for available opportunities.

Visit the Library

It might initially sound like a bore to the kids, but your local public library hosts free events such as art shows, family story time, computer basics classes, puppet shows and reading contests. Check your library’s events page to find an event that’s right for your kids. The library is also a great place to cool off after you’ve had fun with many of the other activities to do in the summer. 

books reading library FREE Kids Activities To Do In The Summer

Keep Your Kids Learning

Online games and puzzles are an endless source of entertainment and knowledge for your kids that allow them to gain online experience in an educational way. They may not even realize they are learning while playing these games. You can make your own puzzles suit each child’s level and ability.

Play Board Games

When you’re tired of looking at the computer screen on a rainy day, bust out the Monopoly for a little friendly competition. Make it a family game night that will have everyone laughing all the way past GO!


Make a Fort

A blanket fort is the quintessential free kid activity. Use the dining room table, sofa pillows, flipped-over chairs and other household items of varying heights as the fort’s foundation. Cover with sheets and blankets and gather supplies for inside the fort. You’ll want a light (or flashlights) and some extra pillows to hang out on. When the fort is built, it would be a fun place to play Monopoly.

If you are really into fort building, I have some favorite tools that my kids have tested and love. Check out our Top Ten Fort Building Tools!

Cook Together

Spend the day cooking and/or baking with the kids. To keep it a free activity, use only items you have in the pantry and refrigerator as your ingredients, and come up with a unique dish that everyone takes part in preparing. Teach kids about kitchen safety simultaneously.

kids cooking baking FREE Kids Activities To Do In The Summer


What fun things do you like to do with your kids in the summer? 




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