Dancing With The Stars Interview and Exclusive Dance Lesson!

We learned some basic salsa steps as a group, and the pace was kept relatively slow at first. Then things began to pick up, which was okay for a while, but once they asked us to start doing arm movements WITH the steps we just learned — all bets were off

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What is the Best Age for LegoLand, Florida?

If you want to know the best age for Legoland, Florida – the simple answer is any age! No matter the age, there is something for everyone to do, see, and enjoy. Check out all there is to offer and see why kids of all ages will enjoy visiting Legoland!

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Don’t Miss Out On Alaska – Top Reasons To Visit This Majestic State!

Ever thought about taking a vacation and then wonder, why not go to Alaska?

There are so many reasons to visit Alaska, but the awe-inspiring scenic beauty of America’s northernmost state is something that has to be seen to be believed – from ice blue glaciers, towering mountains, abundant wildlife, and rolling forests to an incredible history and robust local culture that will inspire you long after you return to the lower forty-eight, there’s something for everyone to enjoy in the beautiful wilds of Alaska.

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