Entertaining Kids On A Road Trip – Tips For Parents

Looking for ideas on entertaining kids on a road trip but worry about too much screen time?

As someone who has taken several cross-country trips with young kids en-tow, trust me, sometimes the screen time is exactly what you need for your own sanity. But it doesn’t have to be mindless entertainment either, kids can be both entertained and still be learning at the same time with some fun, educational apps!

entertaining kids on a road trip

Educational Apps For Entertaining Kids On A Road Trip

Many kids have their own mobile device these days, and while mobile technology is increasingly a part of everyday family life, as a parent I want to make sure the time we do allow in front of a screen is beneficial. 

Finding apps and activities that are educational, yet still fun, gives me a little peace of mind while I’m getting peace and quiet on a long road trip!

Educational apps for parents to check out

There are so many quality educational apps available today that we encourage parents to explore the App Store or Google Play for help in entertaining kids on a road trip. A few we recommend:

  • Duolingo is fun and effective for kids or adults learning a second language. Read more in-depth about Duolingo here.
  • Hooked on Phonics is great for younger kids just learning how to read.
  • Mathmateer, which is available to iPhone and iPad users, will keep grade-schoolers busy with 56 fun math missions.
  • Stack the States is perfect for a cross-country trip, teaching kids about U.S. geography, state capitals, and flags

How mobile technology can help parents make the most of that long road trip:

Mobile devices can help with every aspect of a road trip, from keeping the peace in the back seat to zeroing in on the cheapest gas and finding the perfect place to stop and eat. As long as you have a high-quality network like that of U.S. Cellular and a great mobile device like the Samsung S7 Edge, you can help calm the bickering and find your route along the way.

Stop by a U.S. Cellular store in your area and the associates can answer questions and provide app recommendations tailored to your specific road trip needs!

Also looking for a few non-tech ideas on entertaining kids on a road trip? Check out these articles on fun games to play on a road trip:

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    Wow. this is an awesome idea. My kids kept on asking questions on road trips and it is very difficult to answer them while driving. This app will surely keep them busy. Reply

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