How to Rock Your Baby’s Wardrobe with The Best Fall Outfits for Babies!

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My favorite time of year is here! When there is a bit of a nip in the air, apples are ready to be harvested, and even — dare I say it —  pumpkin everything! This also means it is time to change over to our fall wardrobe.

For my husband and I, this is simple. We just swap out t-shirts for sweatshirts and shorts for pants. For the kids, it means seeing how much they have grown in one season and shopping for the best fall outfits for babies and kids. 

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Outfitting Babies for Fall

If there is one thing I can stress about outfitting a baby for fall, it would be two simple words — the bodysuit.

[highlight]Fun fact: Carter’s is the creator of the Original Bodysuit![/highlight]

A long sleeved bodysuit is so versatile, adaptable, and really a staple during your child’s first phase of life. I love shopping Carter’s fall line for bodysuits because they are high quality and you can get so many cute designs that are affordable! 

carters-bodysuit-best fall outfits for babies

While the days are still a bit warmer, the nights have cooled off a lot. Once you start to feel a bit of a nip in the air, throw on a pair of pants and a sweater if needed, and you have a very versatile outfit that will keep your baby comfortable all day long!

I just love anything fleece because it is so soft and fuzzy, but best of all — warm!


The Best Fall Outfits for Babies!

Isaac is a master of keeping me on my toes. With four kids, I don’t have a ton of time to worry about clothes holding up to wear and tear, especially with two boys who are pretty hard on everything.

So far, through all the crawling, climbing, rolling in dirt, dirty knees, and more, Carter’s bodysuits and outfits have held up to what the boys can dish out.

[box type=”default” style=”rounded”]This bodysuit is one of my favorites because it describes him perfectly – Little Explorer![/box]

The other day, my little master climber was able to get right up in the kids’ playhouse on his own, then turn around and tease me a bit while showing off his newfound freedom (and the cutest little fall/winter outfit ever!)


He still has big dreams, though. Isaac has been eyeing up the swings and the top of the playset for a while. I’m pretty sure he is plotting different ways to get up there – which is sure to give me a heart attack watching him attempt it. 😛


He’s my little sweetheart, though, and he’ll snuggle up and give you a big smooch in a heartbeat! This little boy may be small, but he sure is mighty. 


Ready to Outfit Your Baby for Fall?

If you want to make sure you have everything you need to get the best fall outfits for babies, use this easy list and the coupon to ensure your baby stays warm and happy!

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  • The Original Bodysuit – The ultimate basic with expandable shoulders for easy over-head dressing. This versatile piece can be used on its own, or mix and match with any of Carter’s sets!
    I recommend at least 10 bodysuits per season, more if you don’t wash at least once a week. 
  • Little Jacket Sets – Be all set for the season with 3 little pieces. A cozy jacket + the original bodysuit + easy-on pants! 
    My recommendation is to have 4-6 complete sets to ensure a nice, warm fall and winter for your little bundle (little jacket, little sweater, and little vest sets).

carters best fall outfits for babies

  • Little Sweater Sets – Easy knit sweaters and pull-on pants that you can mix and match are great for keeping warm!

carters best fall outfits for babies

  • Little Vest Sets – A Cozy vest + the original bodysuit + easy-on pants. Mix and match with pants from the sweater and jacket set!

carters best fall outfits for babies

  • Sleep & Play – For playtime, naptime, or anytime! With or without footies, snaps or zips, these are my favorite ‘keep it simple’ outfit choice!
    I love, love, love having these because they are so simple to put on for bedtime, for running errands, or just around the house on a cold day. I recommend 6-8 sleep & plays to start, more if you will be using them nightly for pajamas. 

carters best fall outfits for babies

  • Little Extras – Don’t forget things like crib shoes, mittens, hats, and socks — lots of socks!

Fall Clothing Checklist – Printable!

So as the sun sets on summer and the cooler days descend upon us, Isaac says to stay warm and fashionable with baby basics at Carter’s!


Click the image for a full-size checklist you can take with you to get the best fall outfits for babies!carters_newbabychecklist

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