Joining the Dollar Shave Club has me Bikini ready – almost!

dollar shave club

Finding a razor that is worth the cash – exit store razors, enter Dollar Shave Club!

I am not entirely sure how many of you are like me, buy a cheap razor and then steal your husbands!!! He is down to his last new razor blade, so it was time for me to purchase a new set of razors, and also consider purchasing a decent one for myself.  I have gone to the store 3 different times on this mission to purchase razors, and have left 3 times, WITHOUT razors, why? What on earth is so great that I need to spend 45-50 bucks on a set of 12 razors… not to mention me, who needs a start up one, priced at around $30-$40… Yeah… no! 

Welcome to Dollar Shave Club! 

Two of the guys I work with told me we should sign up for The Dollar Shave Club. I am cheap, so $1-$9 a month versus the 50 bucks for 12 razors I have yet to put into my cart seemed appealing! Plus, let me quickly point out that even at $9 a month for 4 razors, which would come to a yearly price of $108 for 48 razors, is MUCH cheaper than the $50 for 12 razors of another brand. I am not great with numbers, but I can see the better value here. 

So let me tell you how it works!

Step one: Choose a razor that you would like. 

There are 3 different types of razors you can choose from, each with a different number of blades. Your first month, you will get the handle and 4 blades! Each month proceeding, or months you choose, you will get 4-5 blades in the mail! Want to try different razors? That is okay too! New blades and a handle to match will come to your mailbox! 

Step two: Decide how frequently you would like them to deliver your box of 4-5 new razor blades! Do you want a fresh blade every week, or perhaps every other, you get to choose! 

Dollar shave club 2

Step 3: Check out other amazing products by Dr. Carver’s! (not all just for shaving)

The Dollar Shave Club products

Also, there is no fees or commitments tied to this membership and you can cancel at any time!  Check out this fun advertisement! Seems like a fun crowd!

Why I will no longer be purchasing razors at the store, and instead having them auto-shipped to my house! 

Dollar Shave Club 5

As I said before, they really had me sold right away with the price. The second thing I love is that all products are very nature based and smell great. I am a huge fan of peppermint, and really feel refreshed after using the after shaves, and lotions. The razors have a nice pivoting head, a great handle and the blades are easy to replace. 

We have the 4 and 5 blade, and both worked very well! I think my legs were the smoothest they have been in awhile! My brag point I want to make, and sadly without photo (not that brave), is my dreaded “bikini” line shave! Using the shaving butter or shave lather, razor, and one of the two after shave products has my bikini line looking top notch and bump free. I especially love the Post Shave Cream.

Now I just need to work on the bod! 



Have you tried Dollar Shave Club? What are your thoughts?



I received free product in exchange for writing this review. Although this post is sponsored, all opinions are my own. 



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