Kiwi Crate Back to School Sale!


Kiwi Crate is welcoming back to school with a discount just for YOU!

Kiwi crates can help ease that back to school transition with fun and educational projects.

For a limited time only, new subscribers can save up to $25 off.

Creativity kits for kids!

Kara W

Who am I? Is it weird that the first thing that comes to my mind is Happy? No, I don’t believe I am one of the Seven Dwarfs, although happy is better than being Sneezy! After having my two children Kaphen (5), and Kyler (3), I lost myself somewhere between the diapers, parenting, and up all-nighters. Now that they are a little older, I have sorted out how to be a mom, a wife and ME! So who is “me”? .....

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