Overnight Steel Cut Oats Made Easy

Easy overnight steel cut oats!

Recently my husband and I have been looking into changing the way we eat. We are both very interested in more of a clean-eating lifestyle, and this means less refined foods and more fresh products. This means that most food is going to take longer to prepare since we all know processed foods were pretty much born out of convenience. In addition, we’ve had to come up with alternative ways to spice up our foods since refined sugars are definitely out (I still have a small addiction to soda that I’m trying to kick, but the less refined sugar the better).

This decision has drastically changed the way we eat, and over the past couple of months my husband has stumbled upon an amazing way to have breakfast ready and waiting for us every morning, plus it tastes fantastic!

Overnight Steel Cut Oats using a rice cooker!

A rice cooker is an amazing device, and when we aren’t using it to cook rice you will find a perfectly cooked bowl of oatmeal in ours. In fact, I don’t think the rice cooker has left it’s spot on the counter in nearly two months — we have been using it that often!

Okay, so how have we been making our oatmeal not so blah if we aren’t adding sugar or much of anything else to it? Simple. Fresh ingredients, real ingredients, and time.

My husband says the trick is to get the right ratio of water to oats, and if you are adding fresh ingredients you need to account for their water content as well. Bananas don’t add much water so he has been adding bananas, flax seed, and ground up almonds (I like to add whole almonds on top). In addition, I add some Pure Yacon Syrup to mine to sweeten it up a little. It is actually pretty tasty without the syrup, but since I have a bit of a sweet tooth I like adding the syrup.

Once we have everything ready to go we simply put the ingredients in the rice cooker bowl, set the timer, and our perfectly cooked oats are ready for us when we wake up. 🙂

steel cut oats yacon

Raw 100% Organic Yacon Syrup

So why do I put yacon syrup on my oats? The reason I like this syrup is that the yacon syrup is raw and 100% Organic. Yacon Syrup is an all natural sweetener that has shown to promote weight loss. At the same time, it is a delicious substitution for sugar or artificial sweeteners. The flavor can probably be described as a caramely toffee type flavor (yes I make words up sometimes). They syrup can be used to sweeten coffee and tea with great results, and it also can be used in a wide range of recipes calling for sugar, honey or molasses so I really like the versatility.

The 10 Key Benefits of Yacón (according to qualityyacon.com)

  1. Substantial weight loss
  2. Dramatically reduces waist size
  3. Ultra-low in calories
  4. Functions as a prebiotic, increasing digestive tract health
  5. Prebiotic effect boosts immunity
  6. Strong digestive tract health is associated with weight loss
  7. Does not cause blood glucose levels to rise/useful for diabetics
  8. Amazingly sweet and tasty
  9. Can easily be used to replace sugar in cooking
  10. Clinically proven to be very effective


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Overnight Steel Cut Oats Recipe

I love this recipe, it is a quick and easy breakfast option for those who are trying to eat healthier yet still need something fast. I am even going to enter this recipe in the Yacon Syrup Recipe Contest! For every 20 recipes entered, one will be picked to win a $50 Amazon gift code…I hope it will be me!

If you are interested in making this for yourself, my husband suggests investing in a quality rice cooker.  We have had ours for several years now, and although I kind of scoffed at the price tag when we first bought it, it has paid for itself in spades now and I’m glad we have it.  We have the Zojirushi model and couldn’t be happier with it.  I’m sure any model will work, but these directions are with using the model rice cooker we have. If you play around a bit though, I’m sure you can experience similar results in any rice cooker.


Steel Cut Oats with Yacon
Serves 2
An easy way to have breakfast ready and waiting, overnight steel cut oats are great to eat and great for you
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  1. 1/4 cup steel cut oats
  2. 1 cups liquid
  3. optional add-ins
  4. Optional toppings (raisins, almonds, etc.)
  5. optional Yacon Syrup for topping
  1. The night before you want oatmeal dump the oats into the rice cooker, add liquid and mix-ins and set the timer on your rice cooker for whatever time you want your oatmeal ready in the morning.
  2. Make sure to use the PORRIDGE setting on the rice cooker or you may end up with a mess!
  3. Once the rice cooker has finished you will need to stir the oats. It will seem runny, but that is only because the water settles on top for some reason. Once you stir it it will be perfectly creamy.
  4. Serve with toppings of choice and Yacon Syrup if desired.
  1. Water: the recommended ratio for steel cut is ¼ dry oats to 1 cup water but you may have to play around with the right ratio depending on the add-ins you use. Bananas don't affect the ratio, but apples have a higher water content so you may need to use less water when cooking.
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UPDATE 05/19/14:  My husband talks about his first two months in his new diet lifestyle here. As of that post he lost 42 lbs, as of today (5 months) he has lost nearly 80 lbs. He does not use the Yacon syrup in his oatmeal btw, only I do.  🙂


So tell us…

What recipe would you submit to the Yacon Syrup recipe contest?



I was provided Yacon Syrup to facilitate this post, all opinions are my own.

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