The best tasting and easiest chocolate mousse you will find – and it’s healthy!

chocolate mousse

I was at my chiropractor’s office recently and she happened to have an open house welcoming new clients that day. While I was there I of course helped myself to some of the yummy treats she had, and one of those treats was this amazing tasting chocolate mousse. I just couldn’t get enough, so of course I asked her for the recipe.

She gladly gave it to me, and I was shocked to find out that not only was this chocolate mousse delicious, it was healthy too! I’ve been eating it as a fruit dip ever since. It tastes great with bananas and strawberries, would make an awesome cake filling, or just works great as a stand-alone dessert!

chocolate mousse bananaVegan Chocolate Mousse Recipe

Made with avocados, figs, and cocoa, there is no added sugar, no dairy, and no regrets! This is a completely vegan chocolate mousse recipe, and trust me…you will love it!

The best tasting and easiest chocolate mousse you will find - and it's healthy!
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    Want to get the ingredients I used? Here is where I got mine:

    I suggest getting the avocados and water locally. 🙂


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