It might have been expected of them to attend college, but that does not reduce how far they’ve progressed. In this discussion, we help them to remember that they were given this opportunity that in many other times and places they would probably not have, as they would be working and not learning and discovering.

Now we will take a look at what a college campus can offer the world with its speakers, shows, games, and courses. This is one of the most unique spots on earth and they should keep in mind that playing video games, getting drunk, and shopping online for four years would be an unpleasant experience for the success of their journey.

On a more personal note, it will be good to encourage your child to make the right friends and can enhance their college career. Likewise, choosing the wrong friends can derail them, even long after college is over.

Encourage your young adult to deny anything that feels like peer pressure to them. There is never a lack of potential friendships, relationships. If they get rejected for not doing something they don’t feel comfortable with, there will always be other people who value their values.

Mental Health Should Be Discussed

In order to properly educate our children, as a parent, you need to inform them of the dangers that exist within the family, the skeletons that may appear at any time. Those skeletons can be mental health issues. Sometimes young adults will think there is something wrong with them, but it is a generational struggle that is plaguing them!

Moreover, they are attending a university where they need to know signs. College is a period of stress that can be depicted as a cycle of ‘high highs and low lows.’

Mental health struggles can show up to be a distraction when it comes to driving (which college students do a lot of driving). In fact, NHTSA statistics show that there were 5,172 fatal crashes in 2017 which was a 3% decrease from 2016.

They need to know when and how to seek assistance for themselves or a companion. Inform them that one out of three freshmen experiences mental health challenges from time to time. They are in good company.

Remind Your Young Adult About Dental Hygiene

Dental hygiene is a habit that can be put on the back burner by young adults. However, what many people don’t know is that dental hygiene can impact your overall health as well.

Research by the American Dental Association’s Health Policy Institute indicates that 95% of Americans deem oral health an important element of overall health. In the end, regardless of this general mindset, over 33% of all Americans neglect to floss their teeth consistently.

Kids and adults alike suffer from tooth misfortune most frequently. Inadequate dental hygiene is one of the causes of tooth decay. When plaque builds up due to poor oral hygiene, it may result in serious tooth decay or gum disease, resulting in tooth loss.

Plaque can be diminished with regular and legitimate brushing and flossing. While brushing and flossing are sufficient to ensure your oral health and cleanliness, it is best to schedule a professional dental cleaning twice a year. Plaque and tartar must be avoided on the difficult-to-reach teeth and gum lines.

It is also important to encourage your kid to visit an orthodontist if they are having problems with the shape of their smile. They might think that it’s “just for kids” however, one in every 5 patients at an orthodontic clinic has braces or a retainer and is over the age of 18!

This will be a new venture for you both! Patience is required and doesn’t feel bad if you have to remind your young adult of these things a few times before they sink in.