Whether you work in a factory, at a desk, on a field, or on the road, back pain is a nearly universal experience for the adult population. Back pain can affect even the most seasoned athlete and can be so painful that sufferers are unable to bend, look, or even walk properly. Surprisingly, the causes of such pain are simple and so are the solutions.

Why Does My Back Hurt?

1. The number one reason your back likely hurts is from the nine-plus hours a day that the average person spends hunched over electronic devices, like phones and computers. So many aches and pains in the neck, back, shoulders, and wrists can be attributed to these activities. Sitting all day is hazardous as it puts the pressure of supporting your body entirely on the discs and vertebrae in your spine. When you walk or stand, however, you rely on your legs for support as well. You should take frequent breaks when working on the computer, not just for your back health, but for your eyes and wrists, too.

2. Another common reason for back pain is your sleep position. If you sleep on your stomach, that may be the cause of your back pain. Stomach sleeping puts pressure on joints and muscles, while other positions keep the spine neutral. If you really can’t sleep in any other position, put a pillow under your hips to alleviate the pressure.

3. Your shoes might be causing your discomfort because most shoes just aren’t supportive enough. Flats may seem like the better option compared to heels but they provide little to no arch support. A continuous lack of arch support can lead to back, knee and foot pain, and a slew of other problems. You don’t have to switch all your cute shoes for orthopedics though; just alternate styles during the week and switch to sneakers whenever you have to walk a significant distance.

How Do I Stop My Back From Hurting?

There are a lot of things you can do to help with back pain. The best course of action is to seek out a chiropractor since 77% of people described chiropractic care as “very effective.” However, during the unusual COVID-19 crisis, that may not be possible. Luckily, there are a few easy ways to help ease your back pain from the comfort of your home.

  • Get out of bed and off the couch. If your pain becomes extreme and you must lay down, don’t stay there for more than a few hours. Instead, try to do some light activities.
  • Take some painkillers. Ibuprofen, aspirin, and naproxen not only reduce pain, but they also relieve inflammation, unlike acetaminophen. These options can be purchased over the counter. However, you should be careful and not overuse these drugs as they can cause gastrointestinal bleeding and ulcers.
  • Alternate hot and cold. To relieve back pain, you should switch between applying a cold compress and a heating pad. The cold compress numbs pain sensors and reduces swelling. On the other hand, the heating pad or a hot water bottle will stimulate blood flow to the area and soothe aches.
  • Strengthen and stretch. Another way to help relieve pain is to exercise your back. Yoga has been found to be one of the most helpful things you can do for back pain and there are a lot of stretches you can do as well. You should also take periodic breaks during work to stretch and relieve tension.

Back Pain can become chronic over time, requiring everything from addictive painkillers too expensive and painful surgeries. Keep your back healthy by taking breaks, stretching, and being careful.