While some stress is inevitable, too much of it can be very unhealthy for your body and your mind. In fact, up to 90% of doctor’s visits in America are due to stress. It can wreak havoc on your body and your mind, keeping you feeling anxious and ill. This is why it is so important to reduce stress as much as possible. If you need to eliminate stress in 2022 for the sake of your health, here are three tips to help you do so.

Improve Your Work/Life Balance

A lot of stress comes from your work and the responsibilities involved with it. If you let work take over your life, it can result in too many tasks and damage your relationships with loved ones. It can also prevent you from taking care of yourself. One great way to reduce stress is to improve the balance between your work and home life. Work is necessary and it can be fulfilling, but not when it is the only thing you’re doing. The Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938 established the 40-hour workweek. Do your best not to go over that 40-hour mark or let your work responsibilities bleed into your other tasks. This will leave you time to rest and focus on the other things in your life. Having good relationships, time to care for your health, and non-work hobbies help to reduce stress. By reducing your work time, you can leave more time for these things.

Prepare for the Future

Stress can also come from anxiety about the future. If you don’t know what is coming, how can you prepare yourself? While you can’t know for sure what the future will bring, you can get prepared for different possibilities. So, in order to reduce your stress in 2022, take some time to do the things you’ve been putting off to prepare for the future. For instance, make a will. While no one wants to think about their own death, having a will in place can help make sure everything is taken care of when you do die. 34% of people who don’t have a will have begun to plan theirs, but two out of three have only gotten so far as talking about it with loved ones. Start the process for this and other preparations and you’ll find that your stress about the future will be reduced significantly.

Take Care of Your Body

While stress can damage your health, intentionally caring for your body can reduce stress. So it is important that you take care of your body if you want to have less stress in 2022. Take steps to improve your health gradually so that you can build new habits. Three important things to focus on are exercise, nutrition, and sleep. All of these will make your body work and feel better. Not only will this reduce any health stress you might have, but it will also provide you with a good foundation if things get stressful again later in the year. So make sure that you take care of your health. You need good health in order to live a less-stressful life.

Taking care of your mental and physical health can go a long way in reducing your stress levels. In return, these reduced stress levels will make you healthier and more capable of facing the world. By applying these three tips in 2022, you’ll be able to reduce stress. It will be an ongoing process, but you’ll start seeing results quickly. So take them into consideration when you set up your plans for 2022.