The past year was a complicated one in many ways, introducing new ways to do things in order to preserve family health during the COVID-19 pandemic. Because of this, trick or treating was extremely hard to do, for those who did it at all. This year, there are a few things you can do and still enjoy trick or treating, and three of them are outlined below.

Keep it Outdoors

It’s been found in many instances that being outdoors in the open presents less risk of catching the disease. This is great news for trick or treaters, who have been advised to keep outdoors to limit their exposure to the virus. Rather than walking around in large groups, it’s best to stay in smaller groups, limited to people with whom you have been interacting regularly. When it comes to contamination, the four main sources are cross-contamination, physical, chemical, and biological or bacterial contamination. By staying outdoors and around familiar people, you minimize your risk of being infected in all the four ways listed above. If you want to hand out treats, you could consider setting up a table and seat outdoors on your lawn. This way, people won’t have to knock on your door or crowd around it and increase the contact between you and them in a less aerated space.

Limit Your Interactions

While you’re free to walk around the neighborhood with your kids or friends to trick or treat, keep your interactions to a minimum. Don’t get too close to people who are not in your regular social circle. If you end up going somewhere for a party or other meet-up, remember to always keep your mask on. Carry a sanitizer with you in case you use your hands a lot, and avoid shaking hands or getting too close to people wherever you go. If you need to make transactions at stores, try using your card to avoid interacting with money that has been circulated a lot. According to a National Cash Systems Survey, 40% of people who use an ATM said that they visit one between 8-10 times a month. So by avoiding the use of ATMs altogether, it may help limit your exposure to potential infectious situations.

Keep a Mask On

As mentioned elsewhere, this cannot be overstated. Keep your mask on from the moment you leave your house to when you get back. You may decide to use a washable mask, and this will help you make considerable savings, as you won’t throw it away after each use as you would a disposable one. Just remember to wash and disinfect it after each use, so you stay safe throughout. Teach your children about the safe use of masks, and make sure that they know how to wear them well. Also, pack an extra mask for them just in case, so they stay protected at all times. Children tend to learn well and keep information that’s imparted to them in a conducive environment, so you can have peace of mind knowing that they’re safe. Trivium, also known as the classical approach, mirrors the natural development of the mind and divides the stages of learning into three, namely, rhetorical, logical or dialectical, and grammatical. You should try this approach to make sure that your family health stays whole as your children put to practice what you teach them.

With the new normal in place, it’s good to get back to doing the activities we’re used to doing in a safe and healthy way. We should not compromise family health in any instance, as the repercussions won’t be worth it. Follow the three tips above, therefore, and have a happy trick or treating!