Hip mom cards?  I was intrigued by this.  But guess what?!!  You can do better than $1.99, I went to Vistaprint and found that I could not only get the Mommy Cards for $1.99, but I could get tons of stuff for FREE!  All I had to do was pay shipping.  So what did I pick out?  I’ll show you:

I picked out 250 (yes 250!) free business cards, a free pen, 10 free invitations w/envelopes, and a free rubber stamper and all I had to pay was shipping!  That is a huge savings and a great deal!  Check it out today and pick out your own free items (just look for the FREE label on the business drop down).

Follow these steps and you can get all kinds of Free items:

  • Head over to Vistaprint and choose any of the FREE items to personalize. I started with the first one then worked down.
  • Personalize your item and add it to your cart
  • Once you have done that go back and choose another FREE item
  • Repeat these steps until you have added all of the items that you want.
  • Complete personalizing all of your products and then check out.
  • Skip all of the additional offers so you don’t get any other charges
  • Choose the standard 14 day shipping

Click either banner (at the top or bottom) and go straight to Vistaprint to get your free stuff too!