The garage is one of the most underutilized spaces in the average home, and this is something that you should aim to change for your home. With a bit of planning and work, you can convert your garage into a space that will add more value and appeal to your home. In fact, you can actually get your teenagers to help you with a number of these projects, getting an amazing chance to bond with them.

1. Expanding Storage

One of the main things that you can do is to expand the storage of the garage. This can prove quite beneficial to do since the garage is, by default, a storage area of sorts for most families. For this project, you can task your teen with shopping for deals in terms of storage equipment and things that you may need in general. You may give them some advice by sharing with them the fact from High Rock Studios that states that audiences that are most engaged spend 76 times more on the services and products that are advertised online. To avoid a possible issue, make sure that they run anything by you before winding up on a purchase or two.

2. Decorating the Garage

Another thing that you can get your teen to help you with is decorating the garage to make it a more attractive space. This can have a positive impact on the rest of your home, since 55% of homeowners use the garage door as the main entryway of their home, according to Raynor. A detail like this can make the home a lot more fun and even give you some insight into parenting teenagers. That’s because you can collaborate with them to get a positive outcome from the projects that you do, including bonding with them. With a beautiful garage, you may be able to find a more creative use for the space other than simply using it for storage.

3. Sealing the Floor

The floor of the garage can take a beating given the fact that it may be subjected to oils and other leaked fluids from cars that you park in it. This is a relatively safe and doable project given the impact that it could have on your home. It could be compared to replacing the garage door, which is impactful, but it’s not a good idea to attempt handling on your own. In fact, installing a new garage door offers a 93.8% return on investment, according to Remodeling Magazine. That said. look into a sealant that’s relatively safe to handle and get to work spreading it on your floor for added protection.

4. Repainting the Walls

The final project that you may want to DIY with your teen is repainting the walls of the garage. This project is extremely easy, and there are a number of instructions on how to do it on the internet. It also needs minimal equipment to do it, and this is generally affordable and easy to find. Brainstorm to find the best color and then head to your local hardware store to get what you need for the project. By the time you’re done, you’ll have learned a lesson or two, and will also have a beautiful space as a result.

Parenting teenagers can be a lot of work at times, but it’s manageable and can even end up being fulfilling. Learning how to talk to them and listen to them as well so that you’re actually communicating can improve the relationship that you have with them to a considerable degree. Work on these projects, choosing one that seems easy for you to get done. When you accomplish something together, it may be more motivating to try and get more done as time goes by.