Safety is paramount. And there is nowhere that safety is more important than in your home. Your family should be secure from danger when they’re at home. While you can’t expect to prevent all problems from occurring in your home, there are ways to make it safer. As you make home improvement plans, consider which ones you can do to keep your family safe. These four possibilities are an excellent place to start.

Make it Green

Some household chemicals can be toxic. Even if they don’t cause health problems right away, they can do damage over the years. If you’re looking for a long-term home improvement plan, find ways to make your home greener. Things like improved air filters and green mattresses can prevent toxins from being released into your home. Solar energy will make you less dependent on fossil fuels, which will keep your home safer as well. Making strides toward green living can be beneficial for your bank account as well. 25% to 30% of heating energy use is due to heat gain or loss through windows. If you get energy-efficient windows installed, you can save a lot of energy and money.

Repair or Replace Your Roof

No matter how well you take care of your roof, it is eventually going to need to be replaced. One way to make it last longer is by repairing it when necessary with a trusted contractor like Mr. Handyman Wichita KS. This also makes your home safer for your family. If your roof has holes in it, water can get in. Water damage can cause structural integrity problems, which could make the structure of your home unsafe. Water leaks also lead to mold, which can cause severe respiratory problems if it is allowed to spread. Make necessary repairs and, when it is time, replace your roof. A new roof can be very good for your home’s value, adding 15% to 40% of its previous value when it’s installed.

Repair Leaks

A leak anywhere in your home can lead to water damage. Leaks are common in roofs, windows, and basements. Any of these can host mold, but basements are especially prone to mold damage since they are dark and damp. Take some time to find and repair leaks throughout your home. Seal them up and make sure that they are waterproof. This will prevent mold from flourishing where the water gets in. Mold can be very serious. At best, it is gross. But at worst, it can have a major impact on the health of anyone living in your home. While mitigation can help after the fact, repairing leaks will keep the mold from starting in the first place.

Leaks can also be found inside of your home. The average family can waste 9,400 gallons of water each year from leaks. This is 180 gallons a week. These leaks can also cause mold and water damage. So, as you look for exterior leaks, keep interior leaks in mind as well.

Declutter Your Yard

Something as simple as cleaning up debris can make your home safer for your family. If you have yard waste, toys, or equipment scattered around your yard, it can be a tripping hazard for your family. Someone could fall and get hurt. Make a point of keeping your yard clean. If you do so, then you don’t need to worry about unexpected injuries from tripping hazards.

Safety should be a priority in your home. By making these home improvements, you can keep your home a safe and comfortable place for your family to live. Some of these tips are very simple, while others are more involved. But applying all of them will be beneficial for your family.