From the moment that someone learns how to drive, they should know how to drive safely. This is because their safety as well as that of other road users lies in their hands to a large extent. If you have a teenager at home who just got their driver’s license and is excited to get going, spare some time to talk to them about safe driving. The following are four reasons why talking to your children about safe driving is important.

1. They May Better Avoid the Risk of Injuries

Safe driving is important for everyone because of all the risks that are always on the road. That said, every parent wants to make sure that their children are safe at all times. While they’re driving, it’s one of the most important times to ensure that they are safe, especially since they typically won’t be in your sight. This is why teaching them to drive safely is one of the most important things that you can do for your children. If they have any conditions, make sure that they are evaluated and monitored in order to keep them in a good state throughout. Keep in mind that a medical examiner may issue a certificate for a shorter period than 24 months in cases when it’s advisable to monitor a condition like high blood pressure.

2. They Can Save on Insurance

Safe driving can have a financial benefit in the form of saving money on insurance premiums. This is because the fewer accidents that someone gets into, the lower their insurance premiums will be in general. The number of tickets that they get also makes a difference to the amount that they will pay. This is because, even without any accidents to their name, the high risk that’s implied by having many tickets to their license is what will be used to come up with the amounts to pay.

3. They Can Be More Confident

When your teenagers know all that they need to know about safe driving, it may be easier for them to drive more confidently. They may have fewer instances of second-guessing themselves, and this will result in competent driving. They may have an easier time making decisions while they drive, and this can make a big difference to the way they drive. If they are pulled over, they may have a better chance of explaining themselves and getting to the root of the matter when they know what to do and are confident in this. They can also benefit from a step like the police wearing body cameras, something that 52% of the administrators in a recent survey by Pew Research Center said would make the public more likely to cooperate with them.

4. They Can Avoid Fines and Jail Terms

Finally, talking to your teen about safe driving may make it possible for them to avoid getting fines and jail terms. This is because they will be well aware of the implications of reckless driving. They will also know the road rules and thus have an easier time adhering to them. Such information includes the fact that the smallest sentencing in Texas for charges of trafficking marijuana is 180 days in jail on top of a fine that can go up to $2,000. This should make it more likely for your children to follow the rules of the road, especially in the state in which they reside.

For these four reasons, spare some time to talk to your teenagers about safe driving. Doing this should enable them to improve their safety and give you, as a parent, more peace of mind.