Having twins is something that should be celebrated every day, especially with identical twins only occurring in four in every 1,000 childbirths. But when it comes to planning a birthday party for your twins, celebrating may be more stressful. From combining opposite hobbies and interests to deciding on a guest list and theme, there are a lot of different considerations to make. So to help you have stress-free party planning, we’ve compiled a few simple tips.

First off, it’s important to start planning as early as possible. You should give yourself a good month or two at the minimum to get all of the planning done. This will allow you to make decisions, shop for bargains, and put out any fires along the way.

If your twins are old enough, try to include them as much as possible in the planning. In doing this, you can allow them to make some of the tougher decisions.

Next, it’s time to pick a theme. This is where planning a twin birthday party can become pretty complex, especially if they are the complete opposite in their interests.

It can be beneficial to consider a simple theme, even just colors. You can choose three main colors to create an overall party theme, maybe combining the twins’ favorite colors. Then, simply carry the chosen colors throughout the decorations, like with balloons and plates. This can be an easy way to have a “theme” without having to combine opposite interests and try to mash them together.

While you can combine colors and interests for the theme of the party, one thing you should not combine is the cake. One of the most exciting parts about being the birthday kid is getting to blow out the candles on the cake. And if you only have one cake, there’s a good chance one of the twins will feel left out.

So instead, consider getting two cakes, even if they’re small. Or go for a different dessert, like giving each twin a cupcake with a candle on top. Having their own candles to blow out will make them feel equally as special.

As for the guest list, it can be either quite easy or really difficult to figure out who will be invited. If your twins are young, there’s a good chance they’ll have the same friend group, making it easy to figure out who gets invited. But if your twins are older, it may be more difficult if they have different friends.

If this is the case, make sure each twin is allowed to invite the same number of people to make it fair. As a parent, you may want to limit the guest list numbers so you don’t end up with a huge out-of-control party. And if you really need help with planning, the party and event planning industry employs about 134,000 people in the United States — don’t be afraid to reach out for help.

Planning a party for twins can be challenging, to say the least. So keep these tips in mind, start planning early, and make sure each twin feels special come party day.

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