4 weeks challenge

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Sooo…. we’ve been trucking along and your house is looking better right? Well, I know it has been difficult to keep going (as I’ve mentioned before, I’m not a huge fan of housework), but we are over halfway done, so might as well keep at it!

There are still plenty of areas in my home that need attention, and one of those areas was my upstairs closet (actually my daughter’s closet but I’ve been keeping the shelves all to myself for a few years).


As you can see, this needs some attention. Most of the stuff in here hasn’t been used or touched in years, except for maybe the holiday stuff. So, first thing is to empty the shelves. This is also going to give me my 5+ items that I get rid of, so I didn’t post another pic as it will all be stuff from here.

So, cleaning this off…not so bad. Now to organize the kids toys on here so they are out of the hallway and put away nicely!

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