4 weeks challenge


Well, here it is Tuesday already, which means I’m a day behind on getting my post to you. No worries though, I’ve been busy with buckets of apples and fresh veggies from the garden. All that prepping during harvest time doesn’t leave a whole lot of time for anything else, but I’d rather have some yummy fresh treats than worry about a clean house for one day.   🙂

Sooo…. did I get anything done?  You bet! I actually got around to catching up on re-organizing one of my kitchen cabinets this weekend (one that I was putting off and finally just did it). Plus, I got rid of a few more things in the house that were just taking up space. Who needs all that junk cluttering up your house and your life?  Not me!

5 things junk

So what about you? How did your weekend and lazy Monday go? Did you enjoy the extra day to yourself?

Share your progress!

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