4 weeks challenge

If you missed challenge #15 in the 4 Weeks to a Clutter Free Home challenge, head over here to get caught up.

It was goal day again yesterday!

Here are my goals for this week:

  • Clean off the front steps (yes it is technically outside, but that is part of the house too and ours is filling up with clutter!)
  • Do some more organizing in the kitchen
  • Create a better “homework” station for the kiddos before stuff starts piling up
  • If it is nice (not blistering hot like it has been), work on the garage a little…this project might take a week in itself, but I can at least get started!
  • Help the kids tidy up the upstairs (they have kept it fairly clean, but stuff is starting to pile up again)

Items to get rid of:

5 things books

I have this set of books that I plan to give to a friend. Once I read books I pretty much never read them again…I just can’t. So why leave them around the house when I can give them to someone else and make room for new stuff to read!

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