4 weeks challenge

Okay, so it has been almost two weeks since I did challenge #18 and I haven’t posted my update yet *gasp*!  I did want to let you know how it went though so as not to just leaving you hanging in limbo. I finally have a little time to get to the computer and get this done (I’ve been in a whirlwind of busyness, good for my business, not so good for posting personal updates) so here we go!

Soooo… if you recall (and you might not since it has been a while), my goal was to clean out our garage. I knew this was going to be a challenge since I was going out of town for the weekend. Plus I really felt it was a week long task with my schedule and how much crap we have shoved in there.

Low and behold… I came home from a visit at my parent’s house and hubby had cleaned out the garage! Yay for hubbies!  Good news, we can park in there again.  Bad news, he took a lot of what was junking up our garage and moved it to our shed.  Now the shed needs to be cleaned out, lol. I am not even gonna worry about that now as I just don’t have the time or ambition (this last trimester of pregnancy is starting to catch up with me).

Here is what it looks like now (I don’t have any before pictures but try to imagine this filled from wall to wall with stuff, and to walk around you had to be really creative and try to make a path through all the stuff!):

garage 1

garage 2

garage 3

Granted, there is still a bunch of stuff that needs to be sorted through, at least it is manageable now.  🙂

More Organization Tips to Come!

I hope throughout this challenge I was able to at least inspire and motivate you to give de-cluttering a try in your own home. I know I feel much better when I don’t have so much stuff lying around that just needs to be picked up all the time.

What is to come now?  –Stay tuned, I will be posting a great list of sites you can utilize to help get and keep your house organized all year long!


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