4 weeks challenge

If you missed challenge #4 in the 4 Weeks to a Clutter Free Home challenge, head over here to get caught up.

Although I don’t have many pictures for you today, I did want to update you that I was able to get the carpet shampooed in the guest room…now baby’s room.  The room is ready to go and we will be putting some baby items in shortly, then it will really start to look like an inviting space for our new baby.

I also was able to change out the sheets on my bed and made sure it was made this morning (I really need to change the sheets more often, and am working on a schedule for myself to remember to do it).

For the five things…I actually was able to get rid of an entire garbage bag worth of first aid supplies that we had laying around the house. It was just extra stuff that we stocked up on and I realized we didn’t really need it that badly as it never gets used. I set aside two first aid kits to give to each of my kids’ teachers, and the rest got donated to a local charity.

5 things donate

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