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No one ever said finding the time to clean and maintain your house was gonna be easy, and that is exactly what I’ve been experiencing this week. I’ve been short on time and energy, but I’ve still managed to at least do the basic things I planned for (although the really in depth stuff hasn’t been going quite as well yet).

Yesterday I said to go through your dresser drawers and pull out things that don’t fit or that you don’t love. For me, nothing fits right now since I’m about 25 weeks pregnant, however, I did recently go through and pull out some stuff that I know I don’t ever wear. Those items were already sent off to be donated, but I did actually find a few more things hanging around in the closet that really didn’t belong. I pulled those out and they made my list of five things to get rid of.

5 things closet

The kitchen… well I did a little grocery shopping last night and got those put away, plus a few random things that had been left out.  :-)

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