4 weeks challenge

If you missed challenge #1 in the 4 Weeks to a Clutter Free Home challenge, head over here to get caught up.

I can’t wait to see how everyone’s day went! Mine went pretty smoothly, and I’m off and running with a great start. Here’s what I managed to get done so far:

I made my list of goals that I wanted to accomplish this week. On my list is:

  • Cleaning out the dining room
  • Emptying the spare bedroom
  • Shampoo carpet in spare bedroom
  • Clean off bathroom counters (organize cabinet)
  • Clean Kitchen counters and table
  • Go through mail center
  • Clean and organize front entry

Once my list was complete I set off to find five things I could get rid of. I think I did pretty well. I found several items that we no longer needed, or were just junk taking up space in our home.

5 things day 1

After finding five (or more) things to get rid of, spending 15 minutes just picking up the living room was a breeze. It was really nice to have all the kids toys picked up and ready to head back upstairs (we use a basket at the bottom of the stairs and I’m trying to “train” the kids to take something up with them every time they go back up).

Share your progress!