4 weeks challenge

So far so good! We have been cruising right along with our challenges and it is time to move on to a new area of the home. The tasks for today should be completed with the idea of accomplishing the goals you set up for the week (see Challenge #1 if you missed the details).

Challenge #3

  • Look at your list of weekly goals and come up with a specific list of 4-5 things you can accomplish today. Don’t spend a ton of time on this step, just use your weekly goals a reference, and narrow down from there how you plan to accomplish at least one of those goals.
    • My list for today includes getting the spare bedroom cleaned up so we can convert it to the baby’s room. This means finding a home for all the junk that is currently occupying the space (or more likely getting rid of a lot of stuff), cleaning the carpets, and shampooing them. I will also need to clean out the dresser drawers since I have all my business supplies in there currently.  This is actually a pretty decent sized project so I have already allotted two days for this in my goal list.   🙂
  • Find 5 items to get rid of today. Throw them out, put them in a bin designated for donation items or in a garage sale box. You can also give them to a friend or list them to sell, but make it a goal not to hang onto anything for more than a week. If it doesn’t sell, donate it.
  • Set a timer for 15 minutes and do a quick once over on the bathroom counters. Clear the counter tops, wash them with soap and water, and find a home for any stray items that have been taking up space (causing an eye-sore). If you have more than one bathroom, try to get to them all if you can. Extend the time a few minutes if need be.

If you feel you are not very good at setting your own goals and making lists, feel free to follow my plan. Work on your an extra room in your home today (or a kids room if you don’t have a spare room), along with the other bullet points, and tomorrow we will have a new area to tackle!

Keep in mind, I do work a full time job outside the home, so all of these tasks are designed to be easily completed regardless of your other commitments. 



(Please note: I am not an expert in organization by any means. I simply did a lot of research online and found many many resources on how to accomplish what it is I am looking to do. From there I came up with my own plan for what I thought would be a great way to achieve the goal of an organized home in four weeks. Feel free to take all the time and energy I put into researching this and try to organize your own home!).