Every person has their own distinct characteristics, such as their likes, dislikes, and personality traits. When it comes to finding a job and building a career in adulthood, it’s important to consider these aspects of oneself before embarking on a career or paying for an education to reach a career aspiration. If your teen has a social personality and enjoys working with people, there are several jobs that complement sociability. Here are five careers your teen with a social personality may like.

Real Estate Agent

The real estate market has outperformed the stock market approximately two-to-one since 2000. Working in this sector is a rewarding and relatively stable career. Real estate agents typically work for a company. They work with individuals or couples looking to sell their home or property, providing excellent customer service and reassurance that they will be able to sell their home for a valued price. Real estate agents show the home or property to prospective buyers, acting as a salesman in order to close a sale. Agents help both the sellers and buyers with paperwork and closing the deal to their old, or new, home.

While it may seem like a simple task to sell a home or piece of property, it actually takes quite a bit of skill. Real estate agents must be sociable, relatable, polite, and knowledgeable about their field of work. Friendly agents who are helpful to their clients, whether they’re selling or buying, will likely get good reviews and be passed on by word of mouth. If your teen is sociable, friendly, and would like to help people in a crucial part of their life, becoming a real estate agent may be a great career path to consider. While real estate agents don’t need a college degree to obtain a license, a two or four-year degree allows potential career growth down the road. Plus, if an agent works in an area with more valuable properties or makes sales very often, you can make quite a bit of money through sales commissions.

Project Manager

Another great career your sociable teen may consider is becoming a project manager in the construction business. Not only does this field allow you to use your hands and work with people every day, but being the project manager additionally allows you to see through every detail of a project, manage your cohort, and meet with clients. Construction management requires communication, attention to detail, and an ability to work and manage others diligently.

Project managers typically have a two or four-year degree in construction management. With training and a few years of experience, a worker can be promoted to a project manager in a short amount of time. A project manager working for a larger construction company with a range of wealthier clients can make a good amount of money, too.


Along with having a social personality, is your teen innovative? Perhaps your soon-to-be young adult has business ideas and would like to become an entrepreneur. Would they like to own their own coffee shop, clothing boutique, or start a professional agency after obtaining a college degree? While this route is definitely exciting and allows a person to be their own boss, it is definitely a risky pursuit. About 22.5% of small businesses fail within their first year. Therefore, your teen’s aspirations, whether they choose to pursue it after high school, after college, or somewhere in between, need to be realistic and planned out carefully before investing time and money into any sort of business venture.

An entrepreneur with a social personality will likely build a client base and business relationships in their relevant city quicker than one that is more reserved. An entrepreneur must be willing to talk to other business people in their area as well as take risks in order to be successful.

Social Worker

Aside from business-related fields, there are other careers your sociable teen may enjoy that involve helping people in a more personal way. Social work is a very rewarding career to pursue. Social workers can work in schools, hospitals, clinics, and private practices as well as for nonprofit organizations or government institutions. Essentially, they help individuals and families through difficult times emotionally, physically, and mentally. Social workers conduct assessments, find and allocate resources, ensure regulations and policies are met, and more.

Social workers must have proper social skills in order to communicate with team members as well as connect with and help their clients. With a variety of ages to work with, social workers must be able to effectively communicate and connect with children, adults, and the elderly. If your teen has a social personality and has a passion for helping others and making a difference in their community, then becoming a social worker may be a great fit for them. Social workers need to obtain a four-year degree and oftentimes a master’s degree in social work as well as obtain certification in order to meet state requirements.


On a similar note, becoming a therapist is another rewarding career that can help a variety of people in several different ways. If you are interested in helping people through personal struggles, you may consider becoming a mental health therapist or a marriage counselor. If you want to help injured individuals recover, you may consider becoming a physical therapist. Perhaps you would like to help children or adults with disabilities by becoming a speech therapist. If you love working with children, perhaps working as a speech therapist would be a great fit for you. Did you know that developmental stuttering happens in children between the ages of 2 and 5? As a speech therapist, you can work in a school, a private clinic, or a state agency to provide services to young children with speech issues.

If your teen has a social personality and wants to work with individuals personally, becoming a therapist may be a great career option. There are many different avenues of therapy to consider. All of them require at least a four-year degree in order to obtain certification in your state. Your soon-to-be young adult should truly consider a career in therapy if they want a rewarding career while exercising their abilities and strengths.

Choosing a career path to pursue after high school or college is scary and can often be a difficult choice to make. Think about your teen’s personality, abilities, and talents. There is surely a career that matches these aspects. You can help guide your teen in finding a career that will challenge them as well as complement their sociable personality.