Every teenager eventually has to start driving sometimes. Although this might not be the ideal situation for the parents, sometimes it’s just time to let them leave the nest. When a teen gets their first car, that can also be a trying experience. Most first cars are used vehicles that might need some work. It doesn’t matter if you have an old car or a newer one, however, because any car can benefit from upgrades. Lighting is probably one of the most important upgrades to think about, especially for newer drivers. Today, we’re covering five lighting upgrades that you should consider for your teen’s car today.

Head Lights

Lighting the way forward starts with a good set of headlights. As far as safety is concerned, your headlights are one of the best ways to protect yourself while on the road. So you need to keep the bigger condition and replace them from time to time. Newer truck models tend to have led headlights, which last longer than your standard halogen bulbs. They also burn a little bit brighter and don’t produce as much heat. Keep an eye on your headlights and check them for any damage, discoloration, cracked housings, or burnt-out bulbs during routine maintenance. If you notice any damage, you’ll need to replace them. When you’re buying new headlights or upgrading your old ones, be sure to check their reading with the Insurance institute for highway safety. Why? Simply because headlights rated by this agency tend to perform 20% or so better than other typical headlights on the market. While it might not be necessary to look into it every time, doing so can save you some time, and money, while adding some safety to your truck in the long term.

Fog Lights

Fog lights on a specialized type of truck light that’s only useful in certain situations. But if you live in an area where those situations occur frequently, you need a fog light. Fog lights light up the ground in front of you instead of straight ahead and pierce through thick fog or low visibility weather conditions. They are not ideal for use as regular headlights since they’re simply an auxiliary type of light. Fog lights are mounted in such a way that they won’t blind oncoming traffic. Different states have their own laws regarding fog light and headlight usage, so make sure you know what works in your state and what doesn’t. When you buy fog lights, you need to understand where you’re going to put them, how you’re going to use them, and how bright you want your led to be. Then it’s simply a matter of installing them on your vehicle and using them as appropriate.

Interior Lights

Over the past few years, interior lighting has changed significantly. What once was a simple light to illuminate the cab while you got in and out is now an intricate series of LED lights and other types of lighting. Upgrading your lighting is perfect for adding a flare of personal style. It’s easier to see sensors, switches, and other controls inside the truck. Plus you have some brightness control on modern lights. Interior lighting systems can take your truck upgrade from drab to stylish with just a few simple updates that don’t cost too much. If you’re looking for something that makes a big difference in a small way, upgrade your lights today.

LED Light Bar

LED light bars are a great option for illuminating your truck bed. They’re also useful as work lights, adding extra visibility to your vehicle while you’re working on it. You can mount them on either the cab of your truck or its sides, depending on how much space you have available. They’re ideally suited to any task. When you’re searching for the best lights,

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Off-Road Lighting

Off-roading is one of those extreme sports that’s ideal for most pickup trucks. But if you like to drive off-road, having additional lighting can be quite helpful. That’s especially true if you don’t want to just do it during the day. Off-road lights illuminate the area directly in front of the truck. This increases visibility, makes sure other off-roaders can see your vehicle and helps you enjoy the experience more. These lights come in many unique styles and can be mounted pretty much anywhere on your truck. If safety is your top priority—and it definitely should be—you’ll want to add some of these lights to your vehicle today.