Parenting is often an exciting but challenging adventure for new parents. Your child becomes your main focus of attention with their wiggly laughter and playful legs. However, even superheroes like you need some relaxation time to destress. Discover five signs it is time to plan for a parents’ night out.

1. You’re Constantly Feeling Exhausted

Parenting means a new time to care for a little one, but it also means you’re always on your toes. If you add work and other community obligations to the mix, you’ll be bummed out by the end of the day. If you’re both trying to cover parenting obligations, but you feel sluggish and less energetic, it’s time for a night out. It may not look like a lot of time to get a reset, but sometimes, all you need is a lifeline. A night out can give you a fresh perspective and make you more appreciative of your children.

2. You’ve Been Having Frequent Arguments

Have you been fighting about finances, when to invite your in-laws, or another high-stress issue? You may need a parent’s night out. When you’ve been at one thing for a long time, it can blind you to the big picture. You can start to feel imprisoned by your emotions with no outlet. In the long run, bitterness can set in, messing up the whole parenting experience for everyone. With a night out, you can discuss with your partner issues that matter to you in a less high-stress environment.

3. You Haven’t Had Alone Time in a While

When was the last time you had time for your thoughts? Or when last did you spend time as parents without worrying about someone falling over or eating a toy? If you can’t remember when last you were alone, it’s time for a night out. However, it won’t be much of a night out if you constantly worry about your children or get disrupted by multiple activities. That’s why you should look for a reliable babysitter and then look for a quiet restaurant. Look up reviews of serene places in your neighborhood. Zippia says 94% of patrons do the same, so you are in good company.

4. You Haven’t Had Adult Interaction in Ages

Even if you’re in a two-parent house, once the children come, you may start speaking at your child’s level. That is high intonation, excited tone, simple phrases and words. Your TV is constantly on Nickelodeon and Disneyland. The house is also dotted with toys and multiple colors. A night out could be a great time to catch up with friends and the rest of the world. You could order takeout, go to the park, and have a picnic in the fresh air. One survey found that 48% of Americans use Grubhub, Uber Eats, DoorDash, or Postmates for takeout, which gives you multiple options.

5. You’re Feeling Like You’ve Lost Your Identity

The Society of American Florists says 73% of Americans highly appreciate flowers. Have you sent your partner flowers or another gift lately? When you’re with your children, you’re always in giving mode, which can subtly hide your interests and passions. Flowers and a night out are ideal to ignite those passions and remind yourself who you are; you’ll also have moments alone to appreciate each other.

In essence, parenting shouldn’t feel like a goodbye to fun, relaxation, and your identity. Sure, some things will irrevocably change, yet small events like night outs are a great reminder that you’re still you. It’s a time to refresh and re-energize so you can give your best as a parent. Plan a date night soon!