For any homeowner, one of your biggest priorities is keeping your family members and possessions safe. That means investing in security measures to reduce the risk of a break-in. Gone are the days when you simply relied on a deadbolt lock only as a security measure for your home. Smart home technology is growing, ensuring you can protect your home more efficiently. Besides that, it has also become affordable with the availability of different devices with varying price tags. Below are some of the ways you can use tech to protect your family and home.

Security Cameras

Unlike in the past, cameras have become affordable, or at least most of them are. They can be connected to your tablet or phone and allow you to monitor what is happening both inside and outside your home. When you install one, it can help deter crime. That is because most burglars avoid properties where they can be monitored. Even if a burglar manages to break in when you are not around, the fact that you can monitor your home from anywhere allows you to raise the alarm and alert the authorities in time. While at it, you may also want to invest in a smart doorbell camera that allows you to know the identity of the person at the door before letting them in.

Smart Door Locks

Smart door locks enable you to lock and unlock the doors remotely. You do not have to leave the key under the mat, rock, or with a neighbor. Smart locks are opened using a keypad and passcode instead of the traditional key. That means if a friend is in town and you are not home to receive them, you can simply give them the passcode to get inside the house. Also, in case you leave the house in a hurry and forget to lock the door, you can lock it from wherever you are. One of the ways to ensure that hackers cannot crack your code is by using unique encryption and two-factor authentication.

High-Tech Alarm Systems

Alarms have been there for a long time now. However, today’s models are more developed and easier to operate. Also, they are installed as part of a bigger security system rather than a standalone security measure. When properly armed, they can detect a threat and alert the necessary authorities. According to the FBI, around 65% of home burglaries occur when people are at work or school which is typically from 6 am to 6 pm. Having an alarm system that can alert you and the authorities of an intruder is a great way to reduce the risk of your home being robbed when you are not at home. Besides, if an alarm goes off and an intruder is around your property, they are likely to run away.

Smart Lights

Smart lights are useful at night. Burglars are attracted to houses where the owners are away. If you are on holiday, you can use a light timer that allows the lights to go on at certain times so that your property looks like it is occupied. This is a powerful measure that can help deter criminals.

Two-Factor Authentication

Home security has come a long way in contributing to the decrease in crimes. After all, no one wants to deal with identifying a criminal or pressing felony charges against burglars. Felony crimes include anything from arson, burglary, drug and narcotics, armed robbery, kidnapping, rape and/sexual assault, murder or attempted murder, aggravated assault, and battery. Most of these crimes have the possibility of happening if a burglar manages to break into your home. When using two-factor authentication, it becomes harder to crack your account or hack your security system. It allows you to control your home security through your device, and if someone tries to hack it, you get an alert and inform the authorities.

With time, home security technology is expected to keep getting better and better. This gives you the chance to be proactive in security matters, ensuring that you have taken all measures to keep your home safe.