No matter your age, you can benefit immensely from wearing braces if you need to get them. You may have an easier time following the treatment through to its end if you know how to prepare for them. Read on to see five ways in which you can prepare yourself for braces whether you’re a teen or you’re parenting a teen and get ready to improve your oral health.

1. Get a Kit

Getting a braces kit, even if it’s before you begin treatment, can help prepare you mentally for braces. If you’re a teen, note that, according to Docplayer, 47% of Invisalign teen users stated in a survey that they got a boost in self-esteem during treatment, in comparison to a mere 22% of teens with regular metal braces. Make sure that your orthodontist has given the kit you intend to get the green light before you buy it. This is because your orthodontist will know best what you can benefit from in the different kits available.

2. Find the Right Recipes

Next, take time to check online for braces-friendly recipes. These should be easy for you to eat and not affect the braces in any way. They should also be nutrient-rich and adequate for your dietary requirements, and most natural foodstuffs will fit this bill well. Steer clear of overly sweet, sticky, and acidic foods and snacks as these may cause issues for you such as discomfort or even destruction of your braces. If you can find recipes that will be easy for you to prepare, this may make it easier for you to stick to them and reap the benefits they have to offer.

3. Remember that Braces Are Common

If you feel as though you’ll stick out like a sore thumb thanks to your braces, it’s important to remember that, nowadays, braces have become extremely common. While people may have different braces thanks to things like the range of costs associated with a variety of braces, you’ll be in great company at the end of the day no matter which option you pick. As far as costs go, for example, Invisalign costs about $1,800 to $9,500 for each treatment. This is dependent on the complexity of the orthodontic problem that’s being remedied. That said, you can be sure that no matter the type of braces that you get, there’s likely to be a good number of other people around you who also have them.

4. Set a Reminder to Drink Enough Water

Water should be your new best friend once you get braces. This is because it helps you to keep your mouth relatively free of food particles and any accumulating bacteria. You’ll even be better off if you can limit your intake of all other beverages and fluids since water is the best one among them all. It’s also going to be amazing for your overall health and so it’s a worthy lifestyle change to adapt to.

5. Learn More About the Treatment

Finally, find out more about your treatment with braces. Doing this can help you to get more comfortable with the treatment even before you start it. To this end, talk to your orthodontist and ask them all the questions you have. You could also do your own research online. This should be easy to do since, according to Hubspot, up to 60% of businesses have plans of increasing their budget for Instagram while 40% plan to use some of their budgets for LinkedIn, Youtube, and Facebook. You’re therefore likely to come across advertisements and more from dental practitioners and you can read what they have to share if it’s relevant to you.

Use these five methods to prepare your teen for braces so that they have an easy time using them when they get them. Keep the end goal in mind and you may find it easier for them to complete their treatment.