6 Bunny Crafts

Here comes Peter Cottontail! Springtime means Easter, and Easter means everyone’s favorite bunny. Whether you’re looking for a fun craft to do with your kids, decorations for your home, or bunny inspired clothing these crafts have you covered!

Not sure you have time to tackle a craft on your own? 
Check out these cute Easter Bunny crafts you can find on Etsy today!

6 Easter Bunny Crafts you can make today!

Cotton Ball Bunny from Meaningful Mama

Cotton Ball Plate

Remember the cotton ball bunny on a paper plate you made in elementary school? It’s time to bring back the tradition with your kids! Cotton ball bunnies are quick and easy – and touch the hearts of moms and grandmas everywhere.

Yarn Bunny (plus bunny craft roundup!) from Crafts ‘n Coffee


This little guy looks like he came from an expensive home décor store, when in reality it can be made with just a few inexpensive items. This post also shares links to 14 other Easter bunny inspired crafts to keep you busy this spring.

Easter Bunny Peeps Topiary from Crafts ‘n Coffee


Have your fun and eat it too with this topiary that uses the infamous Easter candy – Peeps! You might not want to munch on this after it’s sat out a day or two, but no one will know if you sneak a few Peep bunnies during assembly.

Cotton Ball Container Bunny from Crafts by Amanda

Cotton Ball Container Bunny

How many old canisters do you have lying around? Turn them into an Easter decoration using this tutorial. You likely have many of the supplies sitting in craft storage. Use cotton balls to create the bunny body and then let your imagination decide how your bunny will look.

Ruffled Easter Bunny Shirt from Huckleberry Love

ruffled bunny shirt

Could this shirt possibly be any cuter?! You can create this adorable t-shirt for the little girl in your life “quick as a bunny” using heat transfers, hot glue, and a few seams with a sewing machine. The pattern is easy to replicate for other holidays and designs.

Easter Bunny Display from Ribbons and Glue

Easter Bunny Card

Why spend lots of money on holiday decorations when you can make them? This Easter Bunny display comes together using a few crafting items and is easily customizable. Even little ones can help out with attaching the pieces, or let them create a design of their own!

So tell us….

What is your favorite Easter Bunny craft?