With summer weather approaching, you may be looking for more wholesome family time. Take your kids’ love of devices and combine it with adventure by way of geocaching! With the navigation industry’s net worth reaching a whopping $1.87 billion in 2023, more and more families are taking part in outdoor adventures with the safety of navigation devices by their side. Here are the pros of geocaching with your kiddos this summer.

1. Have an Adventure

The sense of fun that children have means they’re usually ready for an adventure. What better way to experience adventure than when you claim your geocaches? The activity is like a modern-day treasure hunt, except you need an app instead of a map. Plus, you don’t take your found cache home, but there is a sense of accomplishment and healthy competition for all.

2. Solve Problems

One of the best things for kids to develop early on is the ability to solve problems. According to UNICEF, over 200 million kids younger than five years old aren’t fulfilling their developmental potential. Development goes beyond physical growth; it includes understanding complex information and solving problems like math equations, or in this case, using clues to find a geocache. Kids learn to properly read a map, follow directions, use a GPS device, and enhance their critical thinking skills. This fun family activity can help kids continue to develop and flourish in other areas in the classroom and personal lives. Your family’s fun activity can help your brains work their neurons and grow.

3. Create Memories

Before you know it, your kids will be all grown up. Seize the opportunity to create memories you can all look back on! You can help each other while searching together. This family time can be fun while teaching kids the value of teamwork and cooperation. Look back on your first summer geocaching with pride, as it may be the start of a family tradition.

4. Get Active

Do you worry about your kids’ activity level? If they love playing video games, watching kid’s TV shows, and playing games on tablets, geocaching may be the ultimate way to take their love of device usage into a more active environment. When you go on a family geocaching adventure, you can go to all sorts of parks and hike! According to the National Park Service, there are three main benefits of hiking: better physical, mental, and relational health. Your kids will gain these health benefits while enjoying time with their family during a fun-filled activity. All in all, getting children active and engaged in the world can create healthier adults with a longer lifespan.

5. Become Part of An Active Community

When you and your children go geocaching, your family will join a very active community. In addition to your family time, you’ll have the chance to swap stories with other geocachers. This activity is popular worldwide, and your family can befriend others with this similar hobby!

6. Enjoy Nature

Nature is good for anyone at any age. Allowing children to gain respect and love of nature can benefit them throughout their lives as well as the environment. According to Psychology Today, being in nature produces a feeling of happiness and wellness in people. If you enjoy seeing your children happy and smiling, taking advantage of nature is a great way to do so. In addition to the geocaches, you may encounter wildlife like birds, foxes, butterflies, etc. Bring your still or video camera to capture some of the sites your family sees on the search.

If you’re looking for ways to spend more time with children, the outdoor adventures of geocaching can be fun for all. Create memories with your family while getting in touch with your inner child again. Enjoy being a part of an active and vibrant community that continues to grow!