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Sixth grade is one of my favorite ages when it comes to science. Kids still have that amazement and wonderment, yet are starting to think more critically about things. It’s a fun time to learn all about the world of science, but as a homeschooling parent, finding a good science curriculum that keeps that spark alive can be a difficult task.

When I found BJU Press Homeschool I was so excited to give the science courses a try with my kids. It seemed to be everything I was looking for. A full and robust curriculum, lessons that are planned out and done for you, limited teaching on my part, and labs built in that the kids can do at home with minimal supervision needed.

About BJU Press 6th Grade Science

In Science 6, students study the earth, living organisms and classification, electricity, astronomy, heredity, and the nervous and immune systems. Mr. Harmon and Mrs. Ericson help students think scientifically and challenge them to be good stewards of the earth. You can view a sample lesson in the video below.

Science 6 Textbook

The textbook that goes along with this course is perfect for this age. It is full of vibrant, full-color images and text that promotes higher-level thinking.

My daughter is a voracious reader, however, if what she’s reading doesn’t interest her she quickly gets bored. She also loves graphic novels, so the combination of interesting text and great pictures and illustrations to go along with the reading is a good match for her.

Even though the textbook is there for reading and reference, there are online video lessons to go along with the text so you are not expected to learn by simply reading alone. Many children need a combination of approaches when they are learning, and this course is suited to providing information in a variety of ways.

An activity manual is also included and walks your student step by step through each lab/activity that they are required to do.

One of our favorite activities so far has been creating an earth quake proof structure. It may or may not have had something to do with the fact that she got to eat, I mean use, marshmallows to create her structure. 🙂

Online Portion of Science 6

When you are taking this course you will need to access the online portion to view the videos, get your assignments for each day, take your quizzes and tests (graded for you!), and simply keep track of your progress in the course. I really like how the course is set up online because it’s easy for the student to follow and mark off what they’ve completed as they go.

As you can see, everything you need to do for each day is laid out in a clear and easy to understand format. As you complete each task, you simply check the box.

The video lessons average about 16 minutes in length and you can expect 165 video and 15 non-video days for your lessons (180 school days total). A snapshot of one of the videos demonstrating a lab is shown below.

It’s easy for the kids to follow right along with the teacher, and they can pause as needed so the instructor will never go too fast for them!

There is also a parent dashboard that you can log into to keep track of progress and grades. You also get a whole suite of facilitator materials including enrichment project rubrics, guided notes answer keys, a lab materials list, lab answer keys, and more! If you have more than one student enrolled in different courses, they all show up in your dashboard so you can select which student you’d like to view without having to log into different websites each time.

Science 6 Activity Materials

A list of materials is included in the parent dashboard that details everything you need for this course, and there isn’t much you need that you probably don’t already have in your house. However, if you would like to purchase actual science kits, I recommend checking out HomeScienceTools for any supplemental materials you may want.

Science 6 Course Review

Overall I’m very pleased with this course. As a busy parent who also works outside the home, I find this course is well suited to our needs. My daughter can complete most things independently with a little help from me here and there when she has questions, and I’m having a ton of fun doing the activities along with her.

All of the courses from BJU Press are more structured, so if you are looking for something a little more free-flowing or more student-led, this is not going to be the course for you. If you want a course that is very open and go, with very minimal needs on the parent, this is a great course to use!

Things to note: every course is designed to be completed in one school year. While the start and end date may vary for each family, BJU Press gives you about 17 months to complete the course before you no longer have access online. If your student needs extra time to work through the material, or you decide to take a few weeks off throughout the year, you should still have enough time to get through all the coursework.

Learn more and purchase your online access today!

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