When summer approaches, you’re thinking of summer vacations, going on hikes, and other outdoor activities. Come winter, there’s no need to be huddled up indoors all the time. Install a firepit on your patio and spend chilly evenings bonding with your kids around it. Firepits are versatile and useful in any season.

There are different varieties of firepits, such as those that run on wood, gas, propane, or gel fuel. A safe fire pit for a family would be propane or gas as it doesn’t get smokey. Also, propane emits 43% less greenhouse gases than other fossil fuels.

Precautions must be observed for any kind of firepit, especially when children are present. Every year, 5,300 electrical fires occur, according to the Electrical Safety Foundation International. So, you should keep a fire extinguisher nearby. Keep in mind that home improvements, such as adding a firepit or remodeling your kitchen, add value to your property. The global home improvement market is expected to exceed $1 trillion by 2027, and installing a firepit is a great way to be a part of this number.

Installing a firepit can help you connect with your kids in the following ways:

1. General Chit-Chat

Make some hot chocolate and s’mores, sit with your little ones, and encourage them to talk about their day in school. Talk about your day as well. The conversations don’t need to be deep. Simple banter will do the trick of enhancing your bond. A positive connection lays the framework for when they’re teenagers and adults.

2. Cooking With Kids

You can cook over the firepit with older kids. Teach them basic recipes such as hot dogs and baked potatoes. By showing the different cooking techniques, you may have a future chef in the making. Remember to observe fire safety and use the appropriate utensils.

3. Evening Games

Games such as charades, broken telephone, and memory games, are great fun around the firepit. Whatever the ages of your kids, there are a variety of games you can play. There’s nothing more fun than an evening spent laughing with the whole family.

4. Board Games

If you have patio furniture, place it near the pit and bring out the board games and card games. Not only are they fun, but there’s always a learning element involved. They learn how to win, lose, and think outside the box.

5. Backyard Camping

There’s so much fun in setting up a tent and getting the firepit going. You can teach your children basic survival skills and show appreciation for nature. Cook some camping meals, sit by the firepit, and enjoy the time together. It’s a great way to take time off from electronics.

6. Fire Safety

Having a firepit is a great way to teach kids about the benefits of fire, the dangers of fire, what causes fires, the safe ways to put out a fire, and the dangers of smoke. You can even practice a fire drill. Ensure to inform them about the hazards of fire in a non-scary manner.

7. Gadget-Free Time

Just by dedicating an hour in the evenings on your patio around the pit, without the constant distraction of any electronics and gadgets, you’ll be forging deep, meaningful relationships not only with your children, but with your spouse too. This is what they’ll observe, and thus learn how to connect with other people as well.

Not only does a firepit increase the value of your home and make it more saleable, but it’ll also give you invaluable time with your little ones. Precious memories will be created, which they’ll cherish when they look back.

Do your research and decide on the type of firepit that’ll work best for you, and have it installed professionally. Never leave children unattended around a burning firepit. When you’re done, ensure the fire is extinguished properly.