Being a parent is one of the most rewarding jobs in the world, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t spend a little time focusing on your career. Between the school runs, holidays, and endless illness, you’ll be relieved to know that there are plenty of career paths to focus on. These days, in the post-pandemic world we live in, remote work with flexibility at its heart is all the rage; all you need to do is find a career that interests you. 


Copywriting is a completely flexible career to chase down, especially given the majority of jobs are remote. As a copywriter, you take a brand’s guidelines and use your imagination to create their voice online. You will get the opportunity to work with other creatives and editors, and you can pitch in your own ideas just to show off. If you want to have a truly flexible copywriting career, take work on a freelance basis; just make sure you can meet deadlines you commit to. 

Music Artist

Music isn’t bound by the laws of the working day, which means you can hone your craft whenever you get the chance. Drop your kids off at school and head over to a music rehearsal space: PIRATE offer a fantastic space for this if you are looking to find somewhere. When you’re finished, your mind will feel relaxed, and you’ll be ready to deal with the post-school trauma. If your kids aren’t in school yet, consider hiring a sitter to give you that little bit of respite.

Graphic Designer 

As a graphic designer, your day will look similar to that of a copywriter because you can do it on a flexible schedule. Instead of crafting words into powerful brand messages, you will work with various clients to create captivating digital art for reports, magazines, advertisements, brochures, and much more. You can chase easily chase down this career alongside the hectic schedule of having kids – all you need to do is build up a healthy client base. 

Fitness Instructor

Speaking of a healthy client base, you can become a fitness instructor and help the nation lead healthier lifestyles. The greatest part about this job is that you get to keep fit and you can carry out most of the work from your own home, especially after the video conferencing boom. The best way to keep hold of flexibility is to set up your own business – your initial costs can be as low as setting up a website and reaching potential clients on social media.

Massage Therapist

Parents all deserve time to squeeze in some relaxation, which is why becoming a massage therapist may be the perfect career. You will likely be able to schedule your routine around the school run because that’s when the other parents will be looking for some R&R. Before you jump into this role, you will need to learn how to assess joints and create effective therapy plans, which you can start with a flexible college course

Teaching Assistant

When your children are busy learning at school, why don’t you head to school and work as a TA? You know that your children won’t be too far away, you’ll always be finished at the same time, and the work you do will be rewarding. When your children are more responsible and can look after themselves, you may want to push this career further and carry out teacher training; the experience will be a great asset to your application. 

Travel Agent 

If your pre-parent self loved to travel, why not live vicariously through others by imparting your knowledge to those looking for their next holiday destination? Travel agents typically work office hours, which means you should be able to land yourself part-time work. Your work will include keeping up to date with the latest trends and figuring out the best packages based on your customers’ needs. When your kids are a bit older, you’ll have plenty of ideas to gift them the perfect family holiday; you might even benefit from fantastic company discounts. 

Retail Work

Whether you love fashion, music, or anything in between, retail work is a great way to squeeze in work around the busy parent schedule. You get to work with your passion and communicate with customers all day, who wouldn’t want to do that? When your children’s’ schedule allows for more time, you can use your part-time experience to move up the ranks and into management roles. 

Life as a parent is busy, and your children always come first, but that doesn’t mean you can’t spend some time developing your career. Thanks to technology and the work-from-home culture we live in, there are plenty of options for you to follow – you just need to find the perfect fit for you. If one path doesn’t feel right, don’t be afraid to explore other avenues.