wholly guacamole

I have fallen in love. I never thought I’d be a guacamole lover, in fact the idea of avocados were never even on my radar since it wasn’t something I grew up eating. However, after trying the Wholly Guacamole I can absolutely say that I have found a new snacking love.

I have been taking these little 100 calorie cups to work and snacking on them with some pretzel crisps. To say that I’ve really enjoyed having a healthier snack alternative is an understatement. Since giving up potato chips and all things otherwise not so good for me, I’ve been searching for a great alternative that actually tastes good. I am happy to say I’ve found it!

At home we have been using the larger dip containers so the whole family can enjoy some fantastic guacamole.


So tell us…

What is your favorite way to eat guacamole, I’m up for some great ideas!




Thanks to Hormel for providing me with some amazing guacamole!