Today’s question/topic in the blogger challenge NaBloPoMo* is “How do you feel about starting new projects?”  Well I just took on a new project with my son and I am very nervous about it to say the least.  I was approached to try out a reading program to help advance his reading skills, which of course I was thrilled to do because I want him to do well in this area; however, I am very very nervous about being the one teaching him the skills.

You see, when I got the materials in the mail I was immediately overwhelmed.  There are literally 2 humongous textbook sized spiral notebooks of materials and instructions (for me to read through), and 1 more that is the actual workbook of materials.  This is a lot to take in for a mom who does not specialize in teaching 5yr old children (I am a teacher, but I teach high school kids and I wouldn’t even begin to know where to start with a 5yr old).

I am very hopeful and optimistic right now.  We have not started yet, but I am gearing my son up for what is to come.  He knows he is going to have “homework” every night, especially if he wants TV privileges, and I am hoping he does well with listening to what I have to teach him.  He has had issues with this in the past.  The whole “mommy doesn’t know a thing” phase, lol.  We have worked on that though and he seems to be better with listening to what I have to tell him.

Wish me luck, and when we are further along in the program I will be updating you on our progress!


Written by Jesica.

*NaBloPoMo stands for “National Blog Posting Month” and is a blogging challenge created by the team at BlogHer.  I am always looking for great ideas to write about, so taking this challenge on was a sure thing for me.  I hope I can keep it up each day….check back to see if I do and make sure to scold me if I miss a day!