Have you ever wanted the look of granite countertops or stainless steel appliances, but just don’t have the money to go out and splurge on the real thing?  Well have I found the thing for you!  I came across these products called EZ Faux Granite and EZ Faux Steel, and they really look like the real thing!

Installation is as simple as those peel and stick contact paper rolls you see in the store, but this is much more durable and a thicker, higher quality product.

EZ Granite(not my counters, stock picture)

EZ Faux Granite was even featured on the Rachael Ray show!  Take a look:

What’s more, the granite can be used for much more than just countertops.  I took a section that was about the size you would cut out for your sink area (depending on the size of your sink), and used it to create a beautiful serving tray out of an old cookie sheet that I was just going to throw away!  Talk about awesome upcycling!  Take a look for yourself:




If you are interested in trying out this product for yourself EZ Instant Makeover is offering Mommy Bunch readers an awesome deal!  Just enter the code MOMMYBUNCH20 at checkout and get 20% off your purchase!  Visit the EZ Instant Makeover site to see their full line of products, including EZ Faux Stainless Steel, and view installation instructions.  You can also view more about the product on the EZ Instant Makeover twitter and facebook pages.



I did actually try the faux granite on my own bathroom countertops, however, due to the material my counters are made out of (I believe some type of material that is actually meant for flooring), the material did not stick. My counters have lots of little grooves and ridges and indentations which I believe made using this type of product impractical. I cannot state for certain whether this product truly works as intended as I was unable to test it properly.


Disclosure: The Mommy Bunch was provided a free product to facilitate this review, however, all opinions are strictly our own.