If you know me, you know that I love using products that are all-natural and safe. I use products that align with my belief that every body has the natural ability to be healthy and stay healthy. While I do feel there is a time and place for modern medicine, it isn’t needed to achieve overall wellness.

When I was asked to try a few products in the Nutrexin line, I was actually really excited to do so. I was given three products to sample, the Aluminum-free Deodorant, the pH Body Restore Bath Salts, and the pH Restore Supplements.


Nutrexin Deodorant

What really intrigued me was the deodorant. I have been looking for a non-main stream deodorant for quite some time. I have a deodorant that I currently use that works well, but they aren’t as convenient as those you find in drugstores. The Nutrexin actually comes in a roll-on making it very convenient to use.

I have tried this deodorant out for a few weeks and found that I really like it. There are some natural deodorants that just don’t work well for me (you have to do a little trial and error to see what works for you), but this one seems to get the job done! Side note: if you are going to switch from main-stream deodorant to something more natural, it is important to do an armpit detox first. 

When I did an armpit detox, about two years ago now, it was a little rough going for a bit — you do go through a smelly period, but once you are through that you won’t have to worry about smells again. Also, the detox recommended in the article I linked to suggests to use bentonite clay and vinegar, but you CAN detox by simply using no deodorant at all for a few weeks and letting nature take its course — which is what I did.

Nutrexin pH Body Restore Bath Salts

The bath salts I was sent were another thing I was really excited to try. The label says for detoxification and muscle recovery, both of which I was needing at the time. I really enjoyed using the bath salts and did feel much more relaxed after a good soak. 

For Detoxification:

An essential blend of mineral salts help support healthy blood circulation and metabolism. Baking soda has been added to ensure a healthy alkaline environment.

For Relaxation:

Our alkaline bath salt blend helps smooth the effects of stress and muscle tension of today’s demanding lifestyle. It also offers great muscle recovery support for athletes in training or after competitions.

Supports Soft & Supple Skin:

The combination of Himalayan Salt and Baking Soda will help smooth rough skin, promote skin rejuvenation, and leaves skin feeling healthy, smooth and silky.

Nutrexin pH Restore Supplement

The pH Restore Supplement is actually something that I’m super stoked to try — soon. Since I’m currently expecting I actually don’t put anything into my body (of any kind) unless it is food. I am due to deliver soon, and after baby is born I plan on using the supplements to help get me back in balance. 

The three core elements of our pH Restore formula are specifically designed to balance acids in the body, improving nutrient absorption and overall health.

De-Acidify: An essential blend of minerals and plant extracts assist in eliminating excess acids in the body.
Gather & Neutralize: Potato starch is used as a natural base to actively collect and remove acids from the body.
Improve Intestinal Flora: the natural prebiotic fiber, inulin is designed to optimize the intestinal flora and has a positive impact on digestion.

Overall, I think I have found one of my new favorite lines of natural products. 

You can try it for yourself and save as well! 
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Have you ever thought about a more holistic approach to wellness?