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Okay, so it was really a blue carpet, but when you step foot in that magical place where movie stars shine and dreams come true, does it really matter the color of the carpet?

Walking the ‘blue’ carpet for the A Wrinkle In Time premiere was an amazing and exciting experience. The lights, the cameras, the atmosphere…everything about it is simply breathtaking!

Photo Credit: Disney

First Glimpse

When you first set foot on the blue carpet walkway, your excitement is building, your adrenaline is taking over, and the atmosphere takes you to your happy place. You begin by walking by some not-so-glamorous security gates, but once you get inside….the magic happens.

You witness interviews from the cast, like the two above with Bellamy Young and Chris Pine in the background of this image. 

You get to walk along the carpet as celebrities casually pass by.

Reese Witherspoon greeting fans as she enters.Photo Credit: Disney

Celebrity Sightings

If you time it right, you may be lucky enough to see a celebrity or two as they are walking down the red carpet to enter the theater for the movie premiere.

This time around I saw Bellamy Young, Chris Pine, Peyton Elizabeth Lee (Andi Mack), and a few others. I was even lucky enough to get a selfie with Peyton after the movie was over….which my daughter absolutely loves!

It is so exciting to see some of your favorite actors and actresses as they do interviews and make their way down the carpet!

Posing for the Camera

I’ve never been much of a ‘girlie’ girl, and getting all dolled up isn’t really my thing, but when you are headed to the red carpet premiere of an amazing movie, you get dressed up and you pose for the camera!

Thanks to Kiwi The Beauty and Ok, Dani for helping me pose and for the great shot!

One of the fun things about being on the blue carpet is getting to pose for a fun picture along the wall. I particularly like this one of myself and had so much fun posing, as well as taking pictures of friends. Enjoying posing for a shot is not something I thought I’d ever hear myself say!

A Wrinkle In Time World Premiere

Perhaps one of the most exciting parts of the red carpet experience is the fact that you are sitting in the movie theater right next to the stars in the film, next to actors and actresses who came to support their colleagues, and you get to see the movie at the same time they do — as it premiers for the world!

Cameras are not allowed inside the theater, and while I can’t give away a lot of details about A Wrinkle In Time yet, I will say it is a fantastic kids movie and if you take your 7-12yr old kids, they are going to love it!

Full Review To Come: Come back on March 7th when I give my full movie review so you can read all about how it compares to the book, why kids are going to love it, and what messages resonated with me!

A Wrinkle In Time opens everywhere March, 9th!

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