You can always tell when an actor or actress is going to go on to do fantastic things. After meeting with Rowan Blanchard regarding her upcoming role as Veronica in A Wrinkle In Time, I can tell you that this girl is going places.

She has such a drive and ambition that many girls her age just do not possess yet. She is smart, she’s funny, and she knows exactly what she wants out of life. 

Rowan told us about her experience shadowing director, Ava DuVernay, and she had nothing but great things to say.

Rowan on working with Ava: “Her magnitude as a person is so overwhelming. Just the idea that this woman has worked so hard and still remembers everybody’s name. That was the one thing that I realized working on the same side as her is she knows the entire crew by name. 

Being able to follow this woman who’s so loyal to everyone around her and so giving and wants to not only succeed but wants to bring people up with her, it was so incredible.” ~Rowan Blanchard

Question: What did you learn the most from shadowing Ava? 

Rowan Blanchard: One thing that I grew up watching directors do… the approach that it seems from male directors is that it’s so normal to scream at people or to use your voice in ways that are very aggressive in order to get what you want. 

It’s always sort of inspiring and interesting for me to watch how women directors have to occupy space that’s been left for them to get the attention, and to get the take that they want without being as aggressive. Because you can’t. You’ll be called a diva or you’ll be called very hard to work with. 

It’s just been very cool to watch how women occupy that space. 

I’m not sure she will read this interview post, but if she does come to see what I’ve written about her, I’ve got a little message for Rowan. I think she’s a fantastic young lady and she is definitely a bright young star.

My message to 16 yr old Rowan: I sure hope you go on to become a great director who will treat everyone with dignity and respect. I’m so happy that you’ve had the chance to work alongside Ava as your inspiration and your role model. After meeting her in our A Wrinkle In Time Interviews, and after everything I’ve read about her, she is the perfect role model to show you how to be successful while still keeping true to who you are. 

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A Wrinkle In Time is now playing in theaters!

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