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About me – Jesica Helgren

Who am I?  Good question.  Everyone has probably asked this of themselves at least once in their lifetime.  Well, I am not really sure what to tell you about WHO I am, but I can certainly tell you a little about myself.

how to make a difference in the worldI am a married, work at home mother of four children. We are a very busy family that is constantly on the go. We love to travel and explore a new destination as often as possible! 


I have a degree in broad field science and chemistry; and I am certified to teach those subjects to children… high school children.  Although I love my kids, there is no chance I would even remotely have the patience required to teach kids that age.  I give lots of credit to those who can and do teach young kids, but it is not for me.

I am also currently working on my master’s degree in secondary education and physical sciences.  Ambitious, I know. I do always tend to get in way over my head on things… I just seem to have this inner need to keep myself completely overextended. In addition, I have taken courses in psychology and child development.

I’m continuously learning new things and love to share my knowledge with others. If you have a parenting, science, or shopping related question – I can probably help you with that!


My full-time career is my blog. I love every aspect of working on my blog, from trying to master photography and editing, to figuring out how to code a website behind the scenes, to sitting down to write great content. I just love being in control of everything I do!, part-time as

I also work part-time as a chemistry instructor at a local technical college and part-time as a personal shopper for the Shop Your Way program.

What I Blog About

I will often blog about parenting tips based on my experiences, things I have learned in my studies, and things I have read about in my continuous effort to always learn more and more. I have a pretty solid grasp on how child psychology works, and any articles I write on parenting will typically be cited with a few sources to help give you as much information as possible. 

I also love to blog about food. Recipes that are tried and true around here, or sometimes a new recipe that happens to find it’s way into the mix. Although finding the time to actually make the food and take a picture before my family devours everything can be a challenge.  🙂

Additional topics that I enjoy writing about are technology, travel, movies, and anything healthy living!


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