With the second Hunger Games movie, Catching Fire out in theaters, girls can aspire to be the next Katniss Everdeen as the Air Huntress offers a safe, realistic introduction to the sport of archery that can be used indoors or outside. Girls can test out their target practice with the sparkly pink and purple Air Huntess Z-Curve Bow.

air huntress

About the Air Huntress Bow

Air Huntress Z-Curve Bow/ Zing/ Ages 8+/ $19.99  http://zingtoys.com/air-huntress/air-huntress-z-curve-bow

  • Zing’s best-seller gets a makeover! Decked out in pink, purple and sparkles, the Air Huntress offers fans the same high-performance play value in a flashy new appearance.
  • The Air Huntress Z-Curve Bow can launch soft-foam ammo over 125 feet, a thrill factor for kids and parents alike!
  • Aspiring archers can choose between far-flying foam Z-Arrows and stick-anywhere suction cup Zartz.
  • Can easily be used right or left handed.

air huntress parts

Trying the Z-Curve Bow

I decided this bow would make a great birthday gift for my niece. She turns eight about a week after Christmas, and although this also makes a wonderful holiday gift I wanted something fun I could give her for her birthday as well. This fit the bill perfectly!

Grandpa took the liberty of testing it out for us (he is an avid outdoorsman after all).

air huntress grandpa

Grandpa gives this bow two thumbs way up, and even my husband was surprised at how much of a punch the darts can pack! If you are looking for a bow that you can really let loose with, this is the one (just be sure to use it outside).

The bow is very easy to use, and my husband says is easily interchangeable for left or right handed users. Any girl on your holiday list is sure to have fun with this hot toy!


So tell us…

Have you ever tried a bow like this? Who on your shopping list would love something like this?