It’s no secret that I have a sweet tooth, especially when it comes to cookies. I love to eat them, but I hate how unhealthy most cookies are. After eating them, I immediately suffer from “I shouldn’t have eaten that” guilt. 

I was very intrigued by the thought of healthy but delicious cookie. Usually healthy and delicious coexisting is hard to find. I was overjoyed when I found out that they can co-exist in one cookie!

Almondina are all natural, almond biscuits that don’t contain cholesterol, added fat, trans-fat, salt or preservatives. They are only 30 calories a cookie.

My favorite flavors are Choconut, Chocolate Cherry, and the Original.



These cookies are sweet like a cookie, but crispy like a cracker. The sweetness and crunchy combination is very addictive!

These cookies are great for a snack or coffee break. My kids really enjoyed these too. It’s always a huge bonus to me when my kids like something that is healthier.

Like it says on the package – these cookies are delicious without the Guilt!