As you are heading into the busiest shopping days of the year, have you thought about a gift that really matters? Have you thought about a gift that can light up someone’s day, month, year? Have you thought about giving gifts not for the sake of having a gift to give, but for really giving someone something from the heart and something they need and will use?

That’s what I plan on doing this year. I plan on giving gifts that not only will be used and cherished for the day or two after they are given, but can be enjoyed all year long. Here are a few ideas to start you off, if you have more gift ideas let us know!

Give a gift that keeps on giving

For Adults (parents, adult children, grandparents, etc.)

Give the gift of health and food:

¼ – ½ Steer, Organic grass fed free range Beef. This makes a great gift because organic food can get quite pricey when buying individually in the store, but when you buy in bulk you save a ton of money. If your family member has the freezer space – consider a gift that will keep on giving the entire year!  Typical price will run anywhere between $300 and $1500 depending on how big of a cut you get.

Whole or half hog – Organic free range pork (antibiotic and additive free). Again a great gift for any family member that can really help toward living a clean eating lifestyle.  Half a hog will run between $350 – $500 depending on size.

Pasture raised chicken – no additives or antibiotics. If you have chicken lovers, get them the best!

Here are a few places that I found local to me, but you will have to do your own research to find a place local or somewhere that will deliver:

Rainbow Homestead, Willow Creek Ranch, Black Earth Meats, and for a larger Wisconsin listing check the Eat Wild directory.

Give the gift of enjoying life:

Music, Dance, Cooking, or Art Lessons – Is there an activity that someone you love always wished they knew how to do, or always wanted to learn? Treat them to some lessons!

Season passes to a favorite sports/theater/etc. – Everyone needs a little fun in their lives, let them experience it al l season long!

Hotel Getaway Package – treat the entire family to a hotel package for a weekend away. This could be to a water park resort, ski resort, or anything where the entire family can enjoy a nice mini-vacation. Contact a resort to see what type of gift packages they offer so the recipient can choose the date!

For Kids (and grandkids)

Music, Dance, Sport, Cooking, or Art Lessons – Has your son/daughter/grandchild always wanted to take karate lessons? Are they itching to hit the pool? Treat them to a set of prepaid lessons!

Season passes to a favorite museum/sports/theater/etc. – Everyone needs a little fun in their lives, let them experience it al l season long!

Book Club Subscription – Give them the gift that keeps on giving. Not only do they get a new book on a regular basis, their love of reading only grows!

Family Vacation Package – Wrap up a brochure, give them a mini-gift that showcases the destination, then let them in on the big secret…. you are taking a family vacation!


So tell us…

Have you ever thought of giving alternative gifts like these? Do you have any others you would add to the list?