Always Upbeat and All That are a unique set of stories in that they are actually two books rolled into one.  Looking at the cover you can really start on either side of the book where you will get the story from one character’s perspective, then when you are done with that story, just flip the book and get a completely different perspective from another character.  You might think that reading the same story line from two different viewpoints would be kind of repetitive, but I assure you it is not.  Even though you know the gist of the story from reading the first character’s perspective, there is so much going on in each of the character’s lives it is almost like a whole new story.  While still catching glimpses of things that you read about the first character, it brings a whole new perspective to the situation.


Always Upbeat (Cheer Drama): Savvy Charli Black seems to have the perfect life. Pampered and confident, she has her junior year at Lockwood High all mapped out. Date the hottest baller in school, check. Become captain of the varsity cheerleading squad, check. Her crew rules the school. But just as everything falls into place, her world begins to spin with one betrayal after another.

All That (Baller Swag): Cocky quarterback Blake Strong’s number one goal is to stay in the game, lead his boys to victory, and score a spot at his dream school. But his overbearing father wants Blake in the Southeastern Conference. Their difficult relationship hangs by a thread when the Strong family gets unsettling news. Will they reconnect and realize that there’s more to life than football?


Stephanie Perry Moore is a Christian fiction novelist that is truly from the South. She was born in South Carolina, raised in Virginia, educated in Alabama, and now resides in Georgia. She has penned over 35 inspirational titles set in this part of the country.


This book is perfect for any teenager who loves to read, or even for those who might be struggling to read.  The book has a very relatable and enjoyable story-line that is sure to keep the attention of any teenager.  The two main characters, Charli and Blake, could be any high schooler anywhere in the country which makes this book very relevant to anyone who should choose to read it.  Some of the story-line and dialogue are written, in my opinion, at a lower reading level, so even those who might not possess advanced reading skills should be able to enjoy this book regardless of it’s length.  Those with advanced reading skills will most likely enjoy it as well just because it is a quick read, and because the story of two teenagers coming of age, learning about relationships, and balancing friends, sports, and family is very real to everyone in this age group.

One of the biggest things that sticks out for me after reading this book (and as a parent) is the issue of Charli and Blake’s relationship and what they both perceived to be true.  Charli thought all her boyfriend wanted from her was sex, and she was very conflicted about this.  But after reading the boys perspective (Blake’s) you can see that even though he would have liked to go further with Charli, he respected her enough to honor her wishes.  I think teenagers often have trouble communicating with one another, and this book brings that to light.  It also shows girls that they DO NOT have to give in to pressure or demands from their boyfriends or anyone else.  This is a very good lesson to learn.  When reading Blake’s side of the story, Stephanie Moore does a very good job of addressing how boys should treat girls with respect.

There are also some other very valuable life lessons that are brought up withing the story.  Sometimes they do stand out as kind of cheesy, but I can imagine as a teenager, it would be very valuable to read about it in a story such as this, versus hearing rumors or getting “advice” from your friends.


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Written by Jesica.

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