Do you ever do anything that is kind of strange, even for your own standards?  Something that if your friends and family, or even the neighbors saw they would be like, “what in the world is she doing?”  Well don’t worry, you are not alone!

In the book, And I thought I was Crazy!  Quirks, Idiosyncrasies & Meshugaas, by Judy Reiser, you can read about all the weird quirks, habits, and craziness that people around the country exhibit every day, and you might even find that your little weirdness is not so strange after all!


I received a digital copy of this book from Judy to complete this review, and after reading the first few pages I knew I was going to be hooked.  I really enjoyed reading about other people’s issues instead of thinking about my own (who doesn’t right!).  I think once you pick this book up you will find it difficult to quit reading except to wipe the tears from your eyes from laughing so hard. One of my favorite stories from this book is about a woman who has to change her underwear three times every day.  She just has to do it!  Another is about a guy who MUST hold his breath the entire time he is riding on an elevator.  How do you even do that if you have a long ride!?

Here are a few excerpts just to show you how hilarious this book is:

When I go to the bathroom I always count (1, 2, 3…) and try to end my peeing on an even number. I have absolutely no idea why I enumerate while I urinate.  SPECIAL EDUCATION TEACHER, FEMALE, 52

Sometimes, I grocery shop by a letter of the alphabet and buy only items starting with that letter. I love a good C-shopping day: carrots, cauliflower, cat food, corn, coffee, chocolate chips, chops, chorizo. Occasionally I invite the kids across the street over for a P party: pizza, pineapple, pretzels, popsicles and punch. WRITER, FEMALE, 57

Before reading The New York Times every morning, I iron the outside of each section to sterilize it and protect myself from germs. ARTIST/SCULPTOR, FEMALE, 93

My socks have to be smiling when I put them in the drawer. When you roll up socks and flip one opening over the other, the little shape that’s formed at the end of the ball looks like a smile. It’s cheerful to open my drawer and see all the socks smiling! INSTITUTIONAL TEXTILE SALES, MALE, 46


This book would make a wonderful stocking stuffer, or really a perfect gift for any occasion.  If you have a someone on your list who loves a good laugh I definitely recommend this.

Visit Judy’s website to learn more about her and more about this book, as well as the other hilarious books that she has to offer.

You can also find And I thought I was Crazy!  Quirks, Idiosyncrasies & Meshugaas on Judy’s amazon page here, where you will find additional reviews of the book and can purchase a kindle or paperback version for yourself!

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Disclosure:  This was not a paid review, however, I was provided a free eBook version of this book to facilitate the review.  All opinions are strictly my own and not influenced by any other source.

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