My son is a HUGE Angry Birds fan so he was really excited when he opened up the box with the Angry Birds Go Telepods Pig Rock Racewaygame in it. I was a little excited too because it looked like it could be really fun. We were both right, it turned out to be a blas, and both my son and daughter really enjoyed playing (and me too!).

The first thing you have to do is actually assemble the track, which was relatively easy and didn’t take much time since there aren’t that many pieces. This I was thankful for.  🙂

While I was assembling the track for the kids (my daughter helped) my son decided to download the Angry Birds Go! game on my tablet. He is six and knew about this game before I even had to tell him and went right to Google Play and downloaded it himself. I think I’m gonna have to put a lock code on my tablet soon, this kid knows way more than I thought he does! Eeep!

Playing Angry Birds Go! Telepods Pig Rock Raceway

Once we had everything assembled my daughter did a few test runs, then my son joined in to have a race. Here they are getting lined up and ready.

angry birds on your marks

Here they are waiting for me to say go. My little stinker of a daughter thought she would jump the gun and no one would notice. What a turd!

angry birds get set

This is another trial run, my daughter again hit the go button and I believe my son had some technical difficulties with his start — i.e. the car fell off the track, lol.

angry birds go!

You can see they are really getting into it though! These were some exciting races — ’til the tears fell. We just can’t have too much fun around here you know, someone has to lose and someone has to shed some tears in the process. We have a whole cupboard full of games that many tears have been shed over. Some day we will learn to be gracious losers — someday.   😕

angry birds go race

Thoughts on Pig Rock Raceway


  • Easy to assemble
  • Fun to play
  • Not lots of pieces to lose track of
  • It is Angry Birds – of course we like it
  • Can play one or two player, or more in heats


  • It didn’t actually come with ‘how to play’ directions so we had to figure it out
    • We weren’t sure if the goal was to get to the end or knock the pigs off the stands…we tried for both.
  • The app didn’t read where my camera was on my tablet so we couldn’t switch characters, not sure if this is just an issue with my tablet or a glitch overall.

Overall the kids had fun, I had fun, and we really enjoyed racing our characters — even if we do have a little cheater among us.   😯


So tell us…

Do you have an Angry Birds fan in your home?