Whether you are looking for great design, great accessories, or just great ways to have some fun, Fab has got it all!

What is Fab?

Fab.com is a flash sale site with unique fashions at great prices. They carry a wide variety of brands such as Melissa and Doug, Ashbury Eyewear, The Loaded Trunks and more! New sales start every day and they carry products in almost every category.  Check out and sign up for Fab here.


I was actually browsing around looking for some deals on baby products (I have a friend with a baby shower coming up soon), and I came across Fab.  I fell in love as soon as I saw it!  The site kind of reminds me of Pinterest, except it is shopping… with amazing deals!

Shop Fab for Baby and Kid Products!

I found this awesome convertible bunting by 7A.M. Enfant and an awesomely cute activity table with bowls to hold crayons, etc.!  Both are 25% of retail price on Fab!

enfant activity table

Fab has products for the home too!

My husband has this bright idea that we should make our own ice cream, I say why stop there! This ice cream maker is 10% off retail and the yogurt maker is 51% off retail!

ice cream    yogurt maker

Upcoming Fab Sales

These amazing products and more are going on sale starting at 7pm EST tonight!  I will be checking a few of these out, they just look so amazing!  Check out Fab and sign up today to start saving money on your favorite products…and a few new ones too!


i heart guts

zero gravity iphone cases