Board games are the one activity we do as a family quite often. It is the one thing that really brings us all together doing the same thing at the same time.

Although tears are often shed as some of the emotions start heating up (no one likes to lose, especially at a young age), we forge on. We always have a good time in the end, and having that family time together is well worth it.

The newest game in our line-up is something I’ve never played before. Battle Sheep is a game of strategy. We don’t have too many ‘strategy’ games in our house so this was actually a nice change of pace.

To get started you actually have to create your own game board. Each person (up to 4) gets four board pieces and you take turns laying them out in any pattern you like, keeping in mind that you will have to play on the board you create.

Battle Sheep board

Once the playing surface is set, you each take your ten sheep chips and place them on one square. The directions were honestly a little fuzzy on how to start and it took me a few times reading it before I finally decided that you could just pick any starting spot on the edge of the board.  Is this right? Not sure.

battle sheep moves

The youngest starts (always in our house), and you take turns splitting your herd in half and moving your chips to occupy the most space. This is where the strategy really comes in, as you can only move by splitting a herd of sheep in half, and you must move it in a straight path until they cannot move any further. Spreading out all those herds can get tricky if you are blocked by an opponent, or by an edge.

battle sheep game

Overall I really enjoyed playing this game, although I’m not sure my kids quite get that there is a strategy involved just yet – I can kick their butts every time, but I’m sure soon enough they will catch on.   🙂


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Thank you to Blue Orange games for providing us another fun game to play as a family!